Projects 2017: February

It’s a few days late and I apologise, but here is the results of my 2017 project for February.

After the failure of January, I wanted to come back to something a little more my speed, as much as I enjoyed drawing it isn’t my area of expertise.
For this month however, I decided to go for something a little more hands-on.

Now these are by no means finished as I wish to add a locking mechanism to them, but that is just a matter of buying something and placing it on the finished result, for my part in the making I have a finished result.
So without further ado, I would like to present to you, my February 2017 project.

Here we have four dice bag in various state of work.
We have two that are complete (bar the locking mechanism), one in need of a drawstring and one in the beginning stages of creation.
Admittedly, I would only need to make a single dice bag to complete the project, but I enjoyed making these immensely and so when I turned ill during the month I took my downtime to make another.
The bags can easily hold your standard 7 die RPG set, are comfortable holding 14 die and at a push can handle 21 die.

Now, I admit I went slightly beyond the original design I was following (I’ll attach that here), adding eyelets to the holes for the drawstring (seems more secure than just holes in leather) and putting felt on the inside of the bag, just makes the entire thing feel more luxurious to me.
I do plan to make some more I just need to get the material, most of the bags I have put together are leather, but all of them have been sewn by hand, which may not be the best idea, I was thinking some black suede or something, as long as it can go through a sewing machine.

I was asked if I were going to sell these and honestly, it isn’t worth it, because it takes me so long to sew one by hand I couldn’t put them at a price that would be reasonable.
So why make so many? Why keep making them? Simple, I think I’ll give a couple away, but we shall see about how this goes later in the year.
Of course, if someone really wants to support me in the site, they can send me an offer for a dice bag and I would consider it, but if I have access to a sewing machine I would consider making these to sell.
And of course, having just ordered the Dicebag of Devouring, which comes with 140 die, it might seem a little silly having so many dicebags and not doing anything with them, but truly, I don’t see why anyone would want one, they’re cool and cute and feel like an old money pouch, but I can’t imagine anyone wanting to buy one.

All in all, it was a great, easy project that I enjoyed.
A++ would sew again.

Now if only I had enough tabletop gaming in my life to justify all of this.

Finally, my March project is an increased streaming schedule on Twitch in the run up to the Toy Soldier Gaming Mammoth.
You are by all means welcome to follow me there to see when I am live, but right now my schedule is Monday through Wednesday streaming in the evenings (roughly 5/6pm GMT til 9pm) and Thursday and Friday afternoons (roughly 11am GMT through til 4pm), playing a selection of games including RimWorld, The Longest Journey, Rocksmith and more.
You can find my twitch here.


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