Bloody Boobs

Currently on Steam for £1.99, Blood Boobs is a terrible game.
In fact, the only reason I sunk any time into it is because I was sent a copy for free.
Lets discuss the car crash that was my attempt to play the thing.

First, game start off at something like 800×600 resolution.
On Resize to a more friendly resolution the UI doesn’t scale at all.
There’s character creation which is really just a gimmick to throw a bondage outfit at you.
Everything is too dark (Video below had to be insanely lightened to show anything)
Intrusive music when a mob sees you.
Single level with a single objective.
Not fun.
Oh and when a second character appeared, part of the body was invisible.

Now, I didn’t have big hopes for the game but really this was an insane let down.
No aspect of the game itself seems fun or has depth, beyond the fact it has boobs I can’t see any reason to invest in this, hell even when I was a teen and didn’t have the internet, I still had access to better content than this, so why?

I feel like I’ve put more effort into this review than the game really deserves, so I’ll just post the video below and be done with it.
Thanks guys, bye!

Want to waste two more minutes of your life? Watch this too!


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