Toy Soldier Gaming Mammoth

Okay, so hey guys.
As you might be aware, I’m a member of Toy Soldiers Unite, parody army that wants to promote fun and doing good.
Still with me? Good.
Four years ago, Engineer Airhead ran a weekend charity stream, raised money and had fun (see how this ties in above?)
The next year, Lt. Sophie got involved and ran the event, this time we had a higher goal, a different charity and more fun was had!
Then the next year I got involved, my role was more about raising support for the event and we started getting corporate sponsorship, we raised more money for another charity.

This is a brief summary of the event and brings us up to today, just coming up to the fourth year and a rebrand.
So I would like to introduce you to the Toy Soldier Gaming Mammoth, one weekend (48+ hours) of gaming and fun, running on

In our fourth year, our community chose to support, an English charity that promotes education and protects the rights of those suffering mental health woes.
This is important to me you see, in all honesty in the community poll Mind wasn’t the charity I voted for, but it is still one I am glad won our support because I suffer from depression.

I’ve said this before and said it in multiple places, but it still isn’t something I particularly like to talk about.
My days are peppered with the feeling that what ever I do won’t be good enough, of beating myself up when I know I am failing and blaming myself for everything that goes wrong, even if something is out of my control.
My worst days seem to flash by in a grey foggy instant, from waking up to going to bed, the minutes just seem to trickle through my grasp and I lose motivation for everything.
When I say motivation for everything, I do mean everything, I’ll end up unable to focus on anything even something as instrumental as eating.

I don’t tell you about my issues to get sympathy, I’ve got support and I am okay at just getting through the day, I want you to know why I am throwing my support into this project.
Come Friday March 31st I will be taking part in the Toy Soldier Gaming Mammoth.
That night I will be participating in a streamed RPG game, which Roll20 has offered (but not confirmed) to support us with.
Then after the game I will be streaming all night until Lt. Sophie wakes up and I can sleep (we’re splitting the event, while Engineer Airhead tries to go for the full event).
Saturday evening? We’re streaming boardgames and cardgames, getting some friends together and making the most of having people together to run some physical games.
Once complete I’ll be streaming all night again, once more til Lt. Sophie wakes.
Finally Sunday, I will be up for the end of the event, we will see how it goes.

Through out the entire thing we will have bundles of game codes to giveaway, game codes that have been donated by developers and users, these will get announced soon.
I know my blog doesn’t really get a great deal of footfall.
I know I’m not popular and it isn’t going to make a lot of difference, but if you see this please open this link and bookmark it for March 31st, come join us have fun and if you can donate and together we can make things a little brighter.

Toy Soldier Gaming Mammoth

Now, for the personal part.
I’m not sure what games I’ll be playing during the Mammoth just yet.
Last year I wanted to play Elite: Dangerous (made by one of our event sponsors) but found it hard to play through the night and switched to something a bit more action-y.
Maybe I should select something with energy to start with or maybe this year I will just wing it and play what feels right at the time, we shall see.
Got something you want to see played? Give me a shout, if I have it I will consider it.
All I ask, is if you are able please join one of the Toy Soldiers in their streams, if you have some money spare please donate and share the links around.
With just a little bit of work and everyone throwing in something, we can make a difference.

And as a side note, this is the first year that the TSU Gaming Mammoth can offer our own tshirts for sale.
Kind of cool, link below.


I am Silent, part time programmer and full time narcissist, gamer, geek and man on a mission.

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