Projects 2017: January

Okay, so usually when a new year rolls around I get it into my head to try something.
In 2015 I wanted to make a game demo/prototype each month, I failed miserably, but I keep trying.

For 2017, I have decided to try and make 12 projects in the year.
So that will be 12 different things, one per month and I will be posting whether I complete the project or not.
I believe I can do it because I managed to smash NaNoWriMo last year, but whether I do it or not I will try.
So now January is ending, we need to take a look at our first project.

I admit it, the project for January was the most ambitious as far as I am concerned as it was art based.
If you remember back to my DOOM post, I spoke about the DOOM comic from 1996, one of the things I spoke of was the absolute failure of the comic to geteven the basic character correct.
As soon as I read the comic, I imagined how much better it would be if the comic just left the DOOM Marine silent.

I thought about remaking the entire comic without speech, but that would be a giant task well beyond my abilities.
Instead, as my first task I decided to reproduce the comic cover (which would be a great starting point if I ever wish to try and get the entire comic made.
Now, I have to admit, my first project is a bust and I have failed.
I have no reason for it other than underestimating the time I would need to complete this, but I managed to get just so far.

My plan was to create (as a block) each segment of colour, then go back and start filling in the details, create the black edges and shading.
I’d say I got about 95% of the colour done and just missed a few little pieces, but a failure is a failure.

So 2017 starts with one project defeating me, but I am sure I can win the next one with ease.
Without further ado, here is the picture, side by side for comparison.


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