DOOM (2016)

Right, just completed DOOM and you know what that means? That’s right, we’re going to review it.

Lets start, I own the original doom (not an original copy mind you, all Steam copies).
Actually, the best way to put this is that one year my folks bought me the id software pack on Steam.
As such I believe I own pretty much every copy and version of the DOOM games, apart from DOOM 3: BFG Edition.
I have not played every copy, in fact I have tried to play DOOM 3 a dozen times and after a while I just move on, the game never grabbed me, but I love the idea of DOOM, hell I even enjoy the film (but that is another review entirely).

When the new DOOM was announced, I was tentatively excited, the excitement of a guy who doesn’t expect much but still enjoys seeing a beloved series breathing still.
But then I heard about the Glory Kills.
Now I didn’t rush out to get DOOM, for I am but a poor man and my excitement wasn’t that great.
I saw friends playing DOOM on Twitch and started to get more interested, I really liked the fact the game was light on the narrative and heavy on the action, but the Glory Kills were still off putting.
But the more I saw of the game, the more my excitement rose.
Then came the demo, which was a great idea as it gave me the reason to get off the fence about the game.

After a while, my local store had the DOOM UAC pack on sale, being a sucker for patches I ordered up a copy.
Let me just say these patches are the biggest disappointment, almost paper thin they just felt like the minimum effort and I am glad I didn’t spend full price on the pack.
But the game itself?
The game really redeemed the purchase.
Getting into it, DOOM doesn’t force you to sit through cutscenes with storyline and exposition, for the most part you only get told what you need to know to continue the game which is ultimately what a guy like me wants in DOOM.
I don’t really get on with modern shooter games, most of the time I want a dozen weapons to choose from, I want to carry as much ammo as possible and feel like a walking death machine, ever since it has been normalised to have two weapons and a recharging shield (of sorts) to represent health, I’ve fallen out of love with the first person shooter, so DOOM really represents what I enjoy more.
But it’s the Glory Kills that really score points from me.

I’ve said this before already and I will say it again, I worried that the flow of combat would be interrupted by the Glory Kills, that it would feel disjointed and awkward, but that’s going in from games where you have to hide behind cover to make sure you don’t die and recover what disposable health the gaming gods give you.
In DOOM you’re more rewarded for running and gunning, getting in close and putting a shotgun in the face of your demons and imps and blowing them away, running around and jumping over the enemy to keep yourself out of their aim, so you’re right in the thick of it when you see your target begin to glow, staggered and you are just close enough to rip a limb off or tear their jaw off, there’s just something satisfying about using a part of a monster to beat it to death.
Instead of detracting from the combat, the Glory Kills encourage you to get close and revel in the violence, adding an almost kung-fu element to the run and gun of the game.

I do have to admit though, as much as I loved the sheer slaughter in DOOM, the unabashed reasoning of just blowing up demon scum, but by the end of the game it started to wear on me a little, maybe because I played the game in three or four parts (twelve hour play time here) I just don’t see how they could have mixed things up without forcing a huge change in the game, or maybe it is just that by the time I got to the last portion of the game DOOM got heavily into arena style combat with distinct waves of enemies spawning.
Thank god for the BFG guys.

So yeah, DOOM is great, maybe don’t play it over a month and get the game done over a week, you’ll have a great time.
Though again, I’m not so keen on the energy weapons but maybe that is me.

As a final note, in 1996 they made a DOOM comic, you can read it here, and it is the best of the worst of 90’s comics.
From the artwork to the plot, the funniest thing is that this is a #1, someone thought this comic would get an issue #2.
This comic, in which the Doom Guy starts out in a berserk mode, talks and jabbers incessantly, gets the BFG and beats a CyberDemon, they thought this would get them a second issue.
Needless to say, the comic never made it into proper circulation, instead just being a giveaway at some point.
Part of me wants to go through and edit out the dialog from the comic, edit in some third person narration and see if it’s better…

With that, I am done with DOOM for a while, assuming I have footage recorded or I will have to go record some.
But the thing to take away with this is that the game is good, the comic is bad, go read all 16 pages and tell me just how you enjoy the badness of it.
Once I’ve cooled down with a couple of other games, I will have to see about getting back into the user made maps and take a look at map building for myself, we shall see.

Was the above too much for you to read? Just want to listen to me talk about the game?
Check this video below, or the video below that is my experience in the demo. (A++ would free fall again)
And if you want to join me in the next game adventure, follow me on Twitch or Twitter to see when I am gaming, what I am gaming and how I am gaming.


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