Twitter Spam and Other Updates

So, you know that I’ve been streaming at least once a week, right?
I mean, if you’re on this site while I am streaming, you actually get a pop up saying I am live (I think that is pretty nifty), so you have no excuse not to know I am streaming.
One of the things that you need to do when streaming is market yourself.
Now I don’t mean go everywhere and say “Look at me!” That doesn’t work, it’ll just get you ignored in all honesty.
What I mean is just having places you can say “Hey guys, stream is starting!” and let people know.
Social media.

Now I am the worst at social media, I always forget to post updates and share pictures, it just doesn’t come naturally to me.
Quite possibly stemming from my youth, when we first got cellphones I would always be the guy sending text messages, trying to start conversations and rarely getting a response, since then it was really quite expensive to send text messages, I dropped the habit pretty quick.
And that really translates to Social Media, I am used to people not responding so I don’t start anything.

Since I started streaming, I have tried my hardest to be more active on Twitter and you know what? I’m actually not the worst at it, I send out things I think are funny and occasionally I get retweets and follows, I just sit there thinking “Oh hey, a new follower, you’re going to be disappointed…”
I’m not the most popular of people by any means, but I have more followers than people I follow so this actually works out for me, same for Instagram, I post random geeky pictures and people like what I share.
I know I am certainly not pro-social guy, I am never going to be pro-social guy, I am 100% amateur but there’s something I noticed recently.

Back in November I took part in Nanowrimo, this won’t surprise you because my last update is Nano-related.
When I was writing, I updated Twitter most days with a word count so that there was a trail showing my progress, this of course always went out with the hashtags of #nanowrimo and #nanowrimo16
Just using those hashtags I got a lot of retweets and likes, social media-ing for the win! I even got a few extra followers.
But one thing I noticed, every second day I would have the same wannabe author following me.
So this guy was (most likely using a bot) following people with the #nanowrimo hashtag and immediately unfollowing them, in what? An effort to get people following back?

I did not follow this guy and frankly, by the second time I saw his name following me I wrote the guy off, wouldn’t even check out his content after that.

Here’s how I work on twitter.
If you follow me, like or share my content I will take a look at what your timeline looks like.
If I think your content is of interest to me, I will follow to see more.
I do not give an automatic follow just because you followed me, this isn’t Myspace and I didn’t subscribe to the “follow trains” then, I would love to get a hundred followers a day, with everyone sharing the things I say because I honestly think I am a funny guy.
Probably not as funny as I think I am but still.
But follow-backs are empty, if you followed me expecting me to follow you then you don’t care about me or my content, you don’t care if I stop tweeting and you don’t interact with me or my content.
That is not the sort of follow I want.

But there we go, rant over.
Now a couple of other updates.

On Wednesdays I would stream Rocksmith, this is no longer possible because my “Real Tone” cable is broken, I could stream in Disconnect-mode, which shows the notes but requires no cable but I would merely be playing along on the bass guitar with no feedback from the game, which just feels pointless.
So until I can afford to replace my Real Tone cable, I will not be streaming Rocksmith any more.

Next, I realise that I’ve been slacking in making YouTube content.
I will be working on this, my goal going forward is to continue streaming through Twitch twice a week (at least), once I finish a game on stream I will write a review and record a video review of the title.
I might also be writing reviews of titles I didn’t stream and just played for fun, but my goal is to try and ensure at least two reviews per month, but as always if there is something you want to see me play or review, we can work on that.

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I am Silent, part time programmer and full time narcissist, gamer, geek and man on a mission.

2 thoughts on “Twitter Spam and Other Updates

  • January 2, 2017 at 11:50 am

    It’s odd how twitter has evolved over the years, at first it was such a disjointed collection of people that your post was either seen by all your followers (because they weren’t following anyone else) or no-one as you followers had quit or didn’t check their account for weeks. Where-as now your message is swept away faster than expected.

    I’m with you on the whole auto-follow scene, it’s hard enough to juggle the flow of information without added noise. There are other options i think people use, such as muting people so that you still follow them but you don’t see their spam. Too much like hard work IMO.

    I use a website to help check those I follow on twitter and it ranks them in order of how much they fill up my timeline. I use it regularly to keep the noise down.

    • January 2, 2017 at 12:21 pm

      I’ve got no problem with people filling up my feed as long as I enjoy the content.
      I follow a Taylor Swift parody account that will do a 20+ tweet story at times, and as long as I am still enjoying the content having a flood of tweets from the account doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

      One thing I have noticed is the use of bots by regular people, I’ve had a couple of auto-DM’s from people which start off “Thanks for the follow…” and end up advertising the same bot that they use to send out the thank you message, it just seems like a weird eco-system at times.

      Content is king Welshtroll, but the spam just makes it harder to see the good stuff at times.


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