Halloween Recording

Hey friends,
So some of you know I do voice recordings, nothing fancy I just recorded myself reading a few classic horror tales and since it is the season, I am going to record another.
A little history, a couple of years back I found an old book of “thrillers, ghosts and mysteries” dating back to 1936 in a second hand store, what made the book unique is that there is a paper seal around about 100 pages (or 9 stories) because they were “too scary”, of course this is just a marketing ploy but I loved it and now I am going to record from that very section.
Have no fear, the paper seal is easy to remove without damage.
But find listed below the titles and authors from the sealed section, cast your vote as a comment.

  • Confession of Charles Linkworth by E. F. Benson
  • The Moonlit Road by Ambrose Bierce
  • A Visitor from Down Under by L. P. Hartley
  • The Voice in the Night by W. H. Hodgson
  • His Brothers Keeper by W. W. Jacobs
  • Berenice by Edgar Allen Poe
  • The Coat by A. E. D. Smith
  • The Squaw by Bram Stoker
  • Presentiments by P. C. Wren

OR, if people insist I could try and record all of them.

The recording will be linked here and freely available, so what do you want?
Tweet me your choice and let me know what you want to hear!


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