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Hey guys!
So, as you may have noticed I haven’t actually updated in a little while, there’s a good reason for this.
I’ve been busy and didn’t really have anything positive to say.
But now is the perfect time to announce what I’ve been doing!

You might remember my last post (which immediately precedes this post) I spoke about working on a Twitch Tool of sorts.
I have spent the past who knows how long working on that and am now ready to tentatively launch.
So that’s what I am doing, I am also going to explain the entire thing here.

You see, one of the key things when streaming to Twitch that people are unable to pin down is “What game should I play?” (If you want to just go to the tool and not read the info about it, click here)
It is an impossible line to toe, because you need to play something you’ll enjoy whilst also playing something that people want to watch.
Admittedly, I am the worst for this playing what ever the hell I want to at any given time, but that’s not so important right now.

Now, I have taken a stab at solving this quandary, at helping people work out which games are most likely to get a streamer noticed by an audience.
What I have done is essentially taken the top 100 games currently on Twitch and ordered them as those insanely over-saturated, sort of saturated and those with plenty of space.
Though I won’t bore you with how I am working out if a game falls into each category (it’s not hard to work out), I figured the best way to get the information out there was by simply colour-coding each item.

Colour Coded  Game Example
Colour Coded Game Example

Obviously utilising the simple traffic light system, showing a red background if a game is too popular, yellow if it is somewhat popular and green if it might be worth trying.
I have also taken a small step to remove outliers from the listing, so games which have say one streamer holding 90% of the audience.
The numbers will continue to be worked on to try and find the best ratio so far but right now I am confident with how it works out.

Beyond that simple display, I have also begun collect statistics on each game in an effort to show whether there is any trend to a game’s popularity, this listing has been collecting for a few weeks but of course I can only track a title if it is in the top 100, so if a game drops out intermittently you’ll find blank spaces in the graph, so far these are being smoothed out but I may remove that and just show unaltered information.

Collected statistics over time
Collected statistics over time

As well as that, I have also begun collecting Steam links for the games that I am able, which I will remind you are non-affiliate, the goal here is to make it as easy for you to begin streaming as possible.

The next stage is to create user profiles, allow users to get more specific listings based on their estimated view count (thus opening the tool up to users with an established viewer-base as well as those who are just starting out) and to allow users to create a list of games they are interested in streaming in order to keep direct track of titles.

Personalised list example
Personalised list example

More features will come in time, with some of the current goals and future possibilities listed in the roadmap page

My aim for this tool is of course to keep it free at the point of use, but I have set up a Support Page which users can donate and get beta access to the entire thing as it comes along, I will also be getting a graphic made up that users can post on their blogs or in their twitch profile, linking back to the tool.

But this marks the initial launch of my currently unnamed Twitch Tool.
If you are reading this and you have found my tool to be useful, or not useful then drop me a line and let me know, only though your feedback can I improve the entire thing and likewise, if you have thoughts and suggestions on the features or possible new features then get in contact.

So with that, welcome to the launch of the damn thing, click here to go give it a look.

Of course, I have to also remind you that this is just a suggestion on if a game is worth streaming or not, it should not be considered conclusive and only advisory, you still have to provide a good show to keep people watching and get them clicking that follow button, I have just tried to make it easier to get to that point.


I am Silent, part time programmer and full time narcissist, gamer, geek and man on a mission.

4 thoughts on “The Geekenbrau Unnamed Twitch Tool – What Game to Play

  • July 8, 2016 at 6:47 am

    Good sir, what you are trying to do here is AWESOME and I love it. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

    • July 8, 2016 at 7:18 am

      Thank you for the kind words, as you can see the tool is in early stages and looks like a mess, but it is coming together.
      I am currently in a “What do I call this damn thing” panic, so I can see about getting it a proper web address setup.
      Then we can see how it truly handles.

        • July 8, 2016 at 10:59 am

          That’s far better than anything I’ve come up with, as you might have noticed I tend to go for titles that are too long to be really catchy.


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