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If you saw this past weekend, I announced that I was going to start porting and building my old Twitch tutorial series to Geekenbrau.
If you didn’t see it, well I just told you.
But my interest in Twitch isn’t just as a streamer, nor in helping people set up.

As I have told you seventeen times already, I am part of a yearly gaming marathon that picks a cause and raises money whilst gaming.
We’ve had three successful years so far and the fourth we want to be bigger and better than ever, so I have volunteered to work on making a whole new set of tools for us to use in order to reach a new, higher goal.

My main target is going to be custom notifcations and a more inclusive site for our charity information and such, but I also want to give our userbase the tools they need for building their stream.
So far, I’ve been playing around with a very loose idea, that there’s an untapped buffer of games that would result in higher footfall and possibly interaction in stream.
I even threw together a working prototype and amazingly it works.

It actually works scarily well, I can’t deny this, you can find an image of this attached to the bottom of the post.
The goal for this tool would be simply analysing the current top games, working out which channels have a high amount of viewers but not an amazingly high amount of streamers.
In theory, playing one of these games would get you more noticed because, a) the game is in demand with an audience and b) the game isn’t over saturated with streamers.
In order to convey that information, the various streams have been colour coded, green for good, yellow for not as good and red for games you should avoid.

Of course, things are not always that simple, we’ve all seen game listings with just one person sitting there with 1000+ viewers, a feat that seems highly unlikely, right?
Well, so far I’ve added this outliers to the avoid list, with a message that they’re probably slightly dodgy.

But that is not the important thing here, I know what I am gonna do with that tool.
The purpose of this post is I want to ask everyone who streams, everyone who has used twitch or a comparable service, what is the sort of must have tool you couldn’t do without, what is it you use to prepare and make your stream more professional?
What sort of tool do you want to see developed.
What do you think the streaming community needs?

Comment below, or message me on Twitch or Twitter with your suggestions.

Twitch Tools


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2 thoughts on “Twitch Tools

  • May 12, 2016 at 3:52 pm

    Keep it simple but keep it so it cetches the eye of the veiwer

    • May 12, 2016 at 3:57 pm

      The biggest changes behind this tool will be balancing issues, making the numbers work better so the tool is effective.


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