Stardew Valley – Now what

You know Stardew Valley, right?
Everyone knows it, indie farming sensation by Concerned Ape.

For me Stardew Valley came along at the exact right moment, I mean, I was wanting to play something a little Harvest Moon-y and this was just perfect.
Stardew Valley sticks to the tropes of Harvest Moon pretty well, you inherit the family farm and have three years to turn it around (give or take), but then it just layers that cake with so much more.

But I am not here to talk about the similarities between the two games, I want to talk about the end-game.

Stardew Valley doesn’t really have an end game, you know?
I mean sure, there are objectives you can complete, like the giant formless blob that is “fixing the farm” (mine is ugly as butt, by the way), or things a little more complex like getting married and even saving the old Community Building.
But is there a point in which the game throws up a “Congratulations, you won bitches” screen? Do you seriously think there would be.
There is always a new season, a new crop and if the tweets I see are right, a new update being worked on.

So what do you do when you’ve got everything? What do you do when all the tangible objectives are complete?
In my own game, I am married, with a secure income and I have “won” each of the seasonal events at least once.
I have reached the bottom of the mine and unlocked the desert caves and completed the Community Hall, so what else is there to do?
I know I still have to complete the desert caves, but I think I have completed the library, once I have done these all I really need to is redesign my farm layout for maximum efficiency and I will be golden.

But will I have completed the game?
The fact is, I could play Stardew Valley to infinity and beyond, I’ve just hit the third year and been visited by my grandfather, I decided that this was a celebratory point to end.
For me, though I love these games, I really need a cut off point so I can say “I’m done”
It’s why I burn out on Minecraft, I can build a huge kingdom but unless I have a definitive goal I’m just gonna end up suffering the same question “When is it enough?”

I haven’t 100%’d the game, that’s impossible without knowing what is needed, what I have to accomplish, but I tell you this, Stardew Valley is a game I could oh so easily just sit down and play again and I will do that, I will no doubt start over and begin my game anew, I might even record it now I have an idea of what to expect, but this playthrough is done.

So what about you guys? Who loved Stardew Valley, who didn’t like it in the least? Why? Where did you consider the game finished and when did you decide to stop?
Let us know below, or send tweet and let us know who you decided to romance.


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