Do Modern Trailers Spoil Films?

Okay, so before I start this, I just wanna give a thirty second rant, just hold on it’ll be over soon I promise you.
Fuck you IGN.
I just got a post on my social media from IGN on this very topic, linked to a video, seeing as this is a topic I actually speak of often with friends, I figured for once I would watch one of these random videos and hey it would give cause to comment here.
Opened the page and the video didn’t load, this isn’t a big concern, I have various extensions installed, Adblocks and such and I thought rather than find out which of the two dozen external scripts that were being blocked was in control of the video at random, I’d just disable my blockers for the three minutes the video would take and then re-enable them.
No fucking loading.
No video, just blank screen.
Figured I’d hit up their Youtube and watch there, surely they must do a simultaneous launch, right?
Nope, no fucking way.

So fuck you IGN, I’m not watching your video and I am gonna write what I was going to regardless.

Right, no onto the topic at hand.
The inspiration for this current post was a video entitled “Do Superhero Trailers Reveal Too Much”
To this I say, you’re late to the party buddy.

I get it, you’re the “SuperShow” so you talk about SuperHeros all the time.
But this isn’t a phenomena that applies to that specific genre, this is why I wanted to see your video so I could see what points you were making, but you fucked that didn’t you.

I avoid film trailers.
I really do, I mean to say I am a little weird, I like to have surprises in a film if I care about it, but delivery is more important to me than the specific plot being unknown, so as I care less about a film itself the less I care about spoilers, hell if I am on the fence for a film I will happily read the entire fucking plot (got out of another shitty time-travel plotline with looper with this), but if it’s generally something I want to see, I can avoid trailers like the plague.
Star Wars: Force Awakens? I saw nothing, Age of Ultron? Saw zip, Deadpool? Nada.
Batman vs Superman? That I had to see a trailer for, I was watching Deadpool in cinema and BvS was in the pre-roll so I had no choice.
You know what would have been cool for BvS, having tense scenes of Clark and Bruce talking about Bruce’s dislike of Supes interspersed with tense scenes of their alter egos squaring up to each other.
You know what I got? Every fucking thing, hell I saw how annoying Lex is, I mean seriously Eisenberg just doesn’t scream the intellectual and physical powerhouse that Lex should be.
What I also got was Wonderwoman, I mean sure I knew she was in the damn film but the reveal was gonna be the thing, seriously.
And having Doomsday? I get it, you want to give the heroes something to rally against, but you’re giving me everything in the fucking trailer.

I guess if this film were amazing and I were super hyped for it, I might be convinced but the film hasn’t got me super hyped and the trailer didn’t help.
But seriously, if I am sitting through a trailer thinking “Well that would have been a nice surprise for the fucking film…” you’re doing it wrong.
Don’t get me wrong, I thought Man of Steel was excellent, I don’t think Affleck is a bad choice for Bruce Wayne (though he may be the second actor now who has worn the big “S” and acted opposite Superman), based on those choices I would be in, Eisenberg started to lose me and then the trailer killed it for me.

Film makers need to realise that even though we all know Wonderwoman is going to be in the film, even though we know Doomsday is going to be there, by showing us these things in the trailer it’s stealing that moment of reveal from us during the film.

Lets compare what I know about BvS with what I know about Captain America: Civil War.
Spiderman and Black Panther are in the film.
That is literally all I know.
That is beyond the original comic arcs for both franchises (that is both Death of Superman and Marvel: Civil War)
And that’s all I need to know, everything else important is saved for the film because I’ve managed to avoid any promotional material, I’m by no means a fanboy for either franchise (#teamcap #teamsupes), but knowing less about Civil War makes me more excited about it than I am for Dawn of Justice, when seeing your trailer leaves me this way, something must surely be wrong.

Though saying that all I knew about Deadpool was the “Here comes the super-drop…” moment, beyond Deadpool I had no idea what was going into that film and damn did I leave it grinning.

I know most people don’t care, but they’re not going to care if these moments are saved for the film either.
No one is sitting through a film going “Damn, I wish I had seen THAT in the trailer…”
You know?

What do you guys think? What film do you feel had too big a reveal in the trailer, or do you not care?
Are you like me and avoid trailers if you can?
Let us know in the comments or the twitter.

And again, fuck you IGN.


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