Waiting for Rick and Morty S3

You know Rick and Morty, right?
It’s a great animated show for teens to adults (seriously, some of the themes are not for children, ever) that revolves around the most brilliant mind in the multiverse, Rick Sanchez and his less than stellar grandson Morty.

The premise of the show is simple, Rick is brilliant and he drags Morty off on random and often hilarious adventures.
I won’t ruin things for you, so go watch the crazy adventures, but I want to talk about the over-arcing plot of the show, this will be revealed after the following quote relating to Rick and Morty.

What is this nonsense?
Sgt. Dutch TSU

Now that’s over, lets talk specifics, are you still with me?

Over Season One, we see two main facts.
Firstly, Rick thinks nothing of replacing himself in a timeline in which another Rick has just died, we remain unaware of how many times he has done this but we know he has the means to find an almost identical reality in which his counterpart is just about to die.

Secondly, Rick uses Morty as a form of mental camouflage, in order to hide from those who might seek to use Rick’s superior intellect for their own evil uses.

In Season Two we see that Rick and the friends we have seen across the first season are essentially hiding out, for something we assume was most heinous.
This comes to a head with… something… I know you haven’t seen the show and you’re still reading, so I will leave it at that.

Now, I want to see what crime everyone thinks Rick could have committed that would have left him in the worst of all possible positions.

One theory I have seen relates to the opening credits of the show, far be it from me to tell you to commit any form of piracy, but look at this.

As you see, the final shot is some huge flying tentacled monstrosity chasing us.
Why is this important? Well, you see various shots from the season are featured in the opening credits, giving hints to what is to come.
This Lovecraftian character is featured in both Season 1 and 2 openings but doesn’t carry into any of the episodes.
The theory in question is that Rick perhaps awakened the sleeping Cthulhu, but I am not sold on that.

I imagine instead, that Rick, Birdperson and the rest of Rick’s friends were somehow part of a rebellion against some intergalactic government.
Perhaps something like the Browncoats in Firefly, but with much more hilarity and crazy science and monsters.

Though Season 3 is yet to air, while I wait I thought I would see what you guys thought the reasoning behind the rickpocalypse was.

Leave a comment, tweet at me or any of those fun things, let me know what you think and don’t forget to stay schwifty.


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