Hell and Back (2015)

I hadn’t heard of Hell and Back til it popped up on my Netflix suggestions, I used to keep myself up on film releases and know what was out (both good and bad) but there were always those titles that slipped under the radar, so is this one that I missed or is it just that I am out of touch?

Lets start with the basics, this film has a decent cast featuring actors you’ll know the faces of (even if you don’t know the names).
Nick Swardson, Mila Kunis, Bob Odenkirk, T.J. Miller, Rob Riggle, Susan Sarandon and Danny McBride.
Though admittedly you may not know the names beyond Susan Sarandon and Mila Kunis, I took the liberty of linking everyones IMDB so you can check them out for yourself.

So lets see, the plotline to Hell and Back is pretty simple, bunch of friends goofing about accidentally doom one of their number to demonic sacrifice in hell, so of course the other two go to hell and back (get it?) to save him.
I won’t spoil the details of what they get up to in hell, but despite being an animated flick this certainly isn’t for kids featuring one scene in which half human half demon Deema (see what they did there?) defeats a bunch of demons by throwing underwear at them.

Now, this film isn’t going to earn anyone any accolades, but it is surprisingly a fun film to waste 90 minutes with, I mean I went in with no prior knowledge, no expectations and I came out laughing.
It’s certainly not a smart humour, it’s not Shakespeare but lets face it, even Shakespeare wouldn’t cut it nowadays.

The film does lightly touch upon some classic mythology, sure it doesn’t hold true to any classic story but taking inspiration for the comedy.
Admittedly to start with most of the characters aren’t exceptionally likeable, but over time we see that those aspects of the characters that initially we may have disliked about the characters might in fact have been more of a mask to cover the insecurities and fears about growing up and moving forwards in life.

But that’s not important, what matters is that there are some surprisingly funny jokes in the film, as well as some not so funny jokes.
I found myself surprisingly entertained and maybe you will do, who knows.

Go try it.


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