Hitman Absolution

I got a little disappointed with Hitman Absolution.
I was in the mood for some stealth action and one of the two games I took to installing was Hitman Absolution, I just really liked the idea of being able to throw on a disguise and sneak my way out of trouble, but I have to admit it was disappointing.

Right now my Steam tells me that I played HA for 2 hours and honestly, I didn’t need to play for that long to get disappointed with it.
I understand as technology improves and we want to do more in a game, we are eventually going to be asking games to do so much more than they used to.
My biggest issue with HA is really how it felt like I was railroaded.
I’ll explain.

Though I am not gonna tell you everything, this is a tiny spoiler for the game if you haven’t played it.
One of the first things you do in HA is climb up to the penthouse of a hotel, get cut-scened into being knocked out by a mountain of a man and then left for dead and having to escape.
This just felt like a forced moment that didn’t feel like it would be something the character would do but it was tactically the worst thing a professional hitman would attempt.

That was annoying and needed for the purpose of exposition, but the thing that really pissed me off happened once I was mid-escape.

There I am, disguised as a Policeman, making it to these rooftops and suddenly without cause or warning, my disguise is useless.
I can understand and even kind of justify something that is plot-line required, but suddenly revealing my disguise for no reason is just seriously weak.

It happened like this, after escaping through the rooftops I made my way to a disused library, which of course is crawling with police.
I get that, they need to ensure there is a level of friction to make the game challenging, I don’t fault that but I started the Library in a policeman disguise and I made it through without getting caught.
So where did it go wrong?

I exited the building and saw a helicopter that started firing at me.
That’s it.

Without cause or reason my cover was blown.
This isn’t a big story driven moment, I walked out of a door onto a roof and I was exposed.

I thought to myself at the time “Oh, it must be because I am a police officer on top of this building, surely they can check if anyone is up there..”
That would make logical sense, but the thing is immediately on turning a corner I see three or four other police officers standing on the rooftops, so we can take from this that it isn’t something that would have been suspicious to anyone viewing me.
My exposure was for no other reason than to cause drama and that just doesn’t sit right with me.

I know what you’re thinking, if you’re in disguise it could be far too easy to just wander through the entire game without ever taking a shot and that is exactly what it should be.
If I want to spent my entire time hiding in plain site, a freaking Stealth game should allow me to do this and by all means it can make it as difficult for me as it wants, it can even throw objectives at me in an effort to trip me up but to just reveal me without cause?
I would rather a game that turns around and says “Oh, you look like a cop, someone just stole my bag HALP!” and force me to assist to keep my cover, than just expose me for no reason.

I get that sometimes I am far too picky at times, but is it such a big deal that I expect a stealth game to allow me to play in a 100% stealth like manner if I so choose it?


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