Preacher – Should I be worried?

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There’s very few comics that grab me to the point I have to buy every issue, but Preacher was one of them.
Sure I got into the series a year after it completed, but that’s neither here nor there, the point is I ended up buying every graphic novel I could, read every page over and over.

I really enjoyed Preacher, so you’d think I’d be happy as anything that Preacher was picked up for a series.
Except I am not, I’m not even talking about casting (As cool as Dominic Cooper was as Howard Stark, the pictures of him as Jesse Custer just don’t seem right to me), I have more faith in the casting than I do in one other thing.

I’ll try and explain this for you.
Right now we are in a new golden age of comic based media, we have dozens of tv shows and multiple films coming out on an almost yearly schedule.
Some of these franchises are building a new continuity for themselves that is inspired by, but independent of the established comics and for those longer arcs it works, when it comes to Arrow you can borrow from a dozen story lines without worry, you can learn from what worked well and build.
But it doesn’t always work out that way.

Lets look at Lucifer.
A comic in which the archetypal bad guy really questions what is just and moral, casting doubt on god’s “plan” the way philosophers have since the ancient Greek.
But when it came to a TV show, it turns into some kind of buddy cop procedural.
Lucifer essentially became Castle, with supernatural powers.
Lucifer has apparently secured a second season

Compare that to the series Constantine (as opposed to the god-awful Keanu Reeves film, sorry Keanu).
I can’t tell you that the Constantine series (based on the Hellblazer comics) is an accurate adaptation because honestly I only read a few Hellblazer comics back in about 2001, enough to know the basics.
But I can tell you certainly that it is more in line with the source material than the film.
I watched the show and honestly enjoyed it, I would have really enjoyed seeing where it went but that’s not going to happen as the show doesn’t seem to be coming back for a second series.
Though Constantine will appear as a character in DC’s other shows, his own title is wrapped.

So what, either we lose the comic in something that becomes generic and frankly predictable or we get a limited run and disappointment.
This kind of treatment puts me off any adaptation of works I love, because either the result is something else entirely or it isn’t something that will last long enough for me to enjoy it.

In the end, like anything else TV is a business and will make their decisions based upon what they think will make the most money.
As much as I understand that, it also means the plug gets pulled on a show well before it can find its feet, that changes get made because they feel it would sell better and occasionally you get enough changes that a TV show or film are an adaptation in name only.

So, I’m not getting excited about Preacher, which is surprising people, it is a comic I have sat down and made people read and a comic I still talk about to this day and though I am willing to give Dominic Cooper a chance at playing the old JC, I’m still going into this thing with the fear that it’s going to be toned down for the mass market.

What about you guys? What do you think it the best or worst comic to film/TV adaptation out there?


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