Lost in the Bermuda Triangle (1998)

What the hell can I say about this?
Husband takes Wife on second honeymoon to Bermuda, they go out on the water and a freakish storm takes her away.
He promptly spends the rest of the film trying to find her, befriending a local charter captain and scientist in order to find his way to the fabled island of the Triangle… or something.

He gets there, finds his wife, finds a seven year old son, brings the son back to the real world and then…
Nothing, well not nothing, we see the police file put into a room full of identical files, thousands of them…

I am going to give you the most honest appraisal I can for this film, from the moment the main character found his wife on the island, I kept expecting something demonic, or monstrous.
Did either such thing happen? No, I expected his grown, mute son to be a demon.

And then we have a few things that don’t make sense.
Initially time is moving faster on the island, but when the lead goes there time is moving faster in the real world.
The charter captain finds his missing wife on the island and decides to stay, having already signed his ship over to the scientist, why would he sign the deed to her if he didn’t know he was going to stay in advance?
Main character was being investigated by the police over his missing wife, she is still missing but the film ends without resolving the police element.
The son never learned to speak? He’s like seven, of course he’ll speak somewhat…

I guess ultimately the film annoyed me, I’m all in favour of having some mystical psuedo-scientific justification for the Bermuda Triangle, even having an island (or group of islands) displaced in time, but this really was just the weakest of endings.
I mean for crying out loud, the guy went looking for his wife and found a son… okay, gives up on the wife almost immediately.
While on the freaking island the “lost” characters all talk as if the island has some kind of sentience saying something akin to “Oh, it wouldn’t hurt you…” when we witness small islands disappearing, talking about how the island provides everything the main character needs.

Not to mention Skipper (the charter captain, figured skipper has a nicer ring to it) while on the boat trying to repair things and find a way home starts getting stalked by his wife, he doesn’t see her however and she vanishes like a ghost only to reappear when everyone is about to leave, this is a prime setup for a honey trap, his wife appears looking identical to the day he lost her, then he proceeds to lose his life, but no, nothing.
Even the dramatic escape lacks for drama, they sail off into the storm with very little trouble.
In fact I have to wonder why they needed a fancy scientist when travel seems so easy.

I get the feeling that they tried to give everyone a happy ending, but it just feels hollow.
Skipper is with his lost wife.
Main guy has his son.
Scientist has the charter business and main guy and son.
Main guys wife has eternal life (apparently) on a timeless island with neither her husband nor son… WAIT WHAT??
Someone actually has possibly the worst hell I could imagine, but she was talking all cryptic on the island so we don’t care about her any more.

This is quite possibly the exact opposite of a ground breaking adventure, it is slow, it lacks a lot and resolves little, but the locations sure are nice!

Really, this film is the kind of thing that gets bundled into one of those “10 films for £10!” boxsets, purely making it into the set because they couldn’t find ten good films for less than £1 apiece.
You end up watching it once and then forget it ever existed in the set.

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