Pokemon GO!

I am going to preface this with a note about my excitement.
I am excited about this.

I will follow up with an admission.
As many friends will attest, I have been lamenting for the past two or three years, that I did not have the technical skill to pull off this idea.
What idea you might ask?

If you read any of my tech posts, you’ll see I have an interest in alternative gaming methods, whether that be Augmented Reality (overlaying an image into a camera feed), Virtual Reality (using a 3D head mounted display) or Alternate Reality (a game, which never says it is a game and drops clues in the real world for you to find and explore).
I think gaming is ripe to expand beyond the limited confines of what we currently expect, and to me the greatest potential lay in a game that has been popular since I was a kid.

So I have been talking for years of a Pokemon game that takes place in the real world, using your GPS to find out where you are and set random mob spawns based upon your location.
Allowing you to catch, train and battle pokemon from across the globe.
I just thought it had great potential as a franchise, seeing as the world of pokemon is already split into regions, each with differing pokemon it just seemed like it would work to take this global.

So imagine my surprise when I see Pokemon GO.
Have you seen it? Check it here:

The only thing that bothers me, is that we don’t really see any UI elements, we see people acting in the real world, but we don’t see the actual game.
In my vision of the game we would have had classic Gameboy looking graphics for pokemon and trainers, every game would start with a quick “Who are you…” selecting gender and outfits, and going from there to a starter pokemon for your location.
It would work just as well to be 3D, but I would love a retro version too, I would have wanted trainer battles to look sort of like they do on the Gameboy, but oh well.

I have to wonder if they’re going to include any missions, gyms or more, if a league will rise up and you have to be the best…

Oh and how could everyone catch MewTwo? No one threw a pokeball.

Regardless, I can’t wait to see what happens.
Expect updates.

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