It’s The End of the World as We Know It

Hey there guys and girls, did you know that the world is going to end?
Come on now, I’m serious! Stop laughing.

Okay, so self styled prophet Rev Efrain Rodriguez tells us that the world is going to end at the end of September 2015, on the 28th to be exact.
The prophecy revolves around the fact that this year we’re having an unusually high volume of blood moon, a blood moon (if you didn’t know) is when the Earth passes directly between the Sun and the Moon and the effect causes a reddish shadow on the Moon.
It is however a kind of regular occurrence and in no indicates any form of cosmic rock is about to hit the planet.
Despite what some religious nuts are saying.

Now lets be clear, I am not mocking religion, I am mocking people who believe in this sort of thing, people who believe that one guy cracked some secret biblical code that foretells when the world is going to end.
The reason for this is simple, there have been well over 50 Doomsday Prophecies in my lifetime alone.
Yes, I, a man of 30 years, has survived the world’s end over 50 times, they are some great statistics I’ve got going for me.

You see, the beautiful thing is that we keep making a big deal out of them, lets take a look at one of the latest predictions.
2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar, you’d think this was easy to laugh about, but there were people who honestly believed that the ancient Mayan’s had such great foresight that they could predict the end of the world well beyond hundreds of years later.
A realist would look at the Mayan Calendar and ask if maybe they just had yet to build a new one.
Comparatively, it would be like you looking at your wall calendar in June, seeing it doesn’t go beyond December and then proclaiming that the Calendar Club foresaw the end of the world on December 31st.
It’s a bit silly, you can clearly see it, but people believed it.
Someone always believes it, whether it’s some ancient prophecy (that wasn’t really a prophecy) or the latest in countless religious dates, but why? In part it’s a default to authority, someone tells you that they have uncovered something and if we ascribe any form of authority to them it becomes easier to believe them over this big thing.
Then once there are some who believe, it is easier for others to justify their belief, even if it is a little bit silly.


There is an interesting TED talk that discusses this principle, essentially it says when formulating an idea or cult, the lynchpin isn’t the initial leader, but the guy who starts off by saying “I believe” anyone can stand up spouting crazy ideas but til you get that first person saying they believe you, no one will take you seriously.
But enough of that, I’m not here to talk about the end of the world.

The thing people in general need to remember here, both in general and when we’re being told that the world is about to end, is that people should be able to show you why it is going to end.
I don’t mean tell you, I can tell you right now that the world will end at 3pm today and you’d better enjoy your last few hours while you can, doesn’t mean it is true.
I mean show you, if they’re deriving the information from a source material, then you should be able to reach the same conclusion by following the same steps.

This should hold true for anything in life, if something is dependable then it is reproducible, demonstrable even.
It is a sad fact that when we have “followers”, any sign of doubt is usually treated poorly.

What I want you to walk away thinking about here, is that simply if anyone ever looks down on you for asking “Why?”, chances are they don’t have the answer.
No one should ever ask you to just accept that things are this way and have no logical origin, no one.

If there is one thing I know, it is one day the Earth shall be destroyed, but the chances of it happening in my lifetime are beyond slim-to-none, and when it does occur we won’t have one guy with his nose in a book telling us so.

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Oh and Hollywood? You want to be less 2012, more Deep Impact.


I am Silent, part time programmer and full time narcissist, gamer, geek and man on a mission.

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