Rumours of War (2014)

Damn, I really should have read up on this film before deciding to watch it.

Basically, America gets attacked, a new company decides to RFID everyone, then a new world order and finally a war on Christianity.
Oh, that may be a little too basic, let me flesh it out a little for you, right the film is told primarily in two time frames, the “modern day” where society is ruled by the New World Order/Alliance, and the past (our actual present day) where America is being bombed by who knows.
We follow in the present, an Alliance officer who discovers a diary of a girl (Roxy) from before “the war”, which prophesizes the events that followed.
In the past we follow Roxy as she uncovers the startling fact that Zurn, the company behind the new RFID tracking system and the rise of the NWO/Alliance is in fact behind the bombing which is leading people to call for more security and become more accepting of the new restrictions upon them.
About fifteen minutes into the film we see religion playing a prominent role, with all of the “rebels” being Christians and their persecution from there on.

So, big problem with this film, it’s essentially pr-Christian propaganda.
I don’t have any problem with religion, but I can’t really tell if this film is demonizing Atheism or Technology, or if it’s correlating the combination of the two to the devil.
Probably the latter, seeing as everything gets washed in religious overtones, the bad guys (Zurn) praise their “calf” logo through out almost every scene (though it looks more like a bull, seeing as it has horns and a calf is a young bovine) and the Zurn soldiers repeatedly talk about how bad religion is while needlessly slaughtering people.

The film does have some highly comical moments, such as a (in the past) Zurn employee claiming to be the government while searching for Roxy, never showing any ID but making demands.
Later on the same employee tags Roxy and sets her free, telling her that if she caused trouble they’d just deactivate her chip and let her starve.
It’s almost as if people didn’t survive without these RFID chips for hundreds of years, but the real kicker is his maniacal laughter as she’s escorted away, for no bad guy is complete without evil laughter.

I’m just unable to really describe the badness of this film, it’s essentially a ripoff of Equilibrium with extra religion thrown in for good measure.
I tell you what, I’ll tell you now this film is on my DO NOT WATCH list, but just for shits and giggles I’ll throw a small list of my favourite moments below, you can stop reading now if you’re done.

  • College student accepting RFID chip because he has “nothing to hide” – Way to be non-conformist during your college years bro.
  • No understanding of RFID technology – Read Range on RFID chips isn’t generally good enough to track people across cities.
  • Newscaster proclaiming “Worst Terror Attack since 9/11” – Because obligatory 9/11 reference
  • College professor vanishes for days with no explanation – And still gets to keep his job.
  • College professor proclaiming people “want” to be branded and owned – Unknowing and scared populace is the real badguy!
  • Military being privately owned immediately after an ongoing terror attack – Seriously? You just ran a trial at the fucking college, you don’t have the support to privatise the army yet!
  • Military rebel hunting squads have targets – And not only that, they’re as low as 20 and if you don’t meet them, you’re fucked.
  • “Are you a Christian?” “And there’s nothing you can do about it!” – Seriously, the guy starts questioning his place in society and suddenly he’s a believer!
  • Rebel leader gets tagged without his knowledge – As if they wouldn’t check the body, as if the ex-Alliance wouldn’t know this is SOP for such a situation.
  • Christian Student spouting something about obedience – Good for you! Enjoy that.
  • Main Alliance Soldiers father killed by rebels – Dude, you’re the same age as Roxy, this dystopian future can’t be more than a year later, you can’t be that dumb as to think this is really a thing?
  • Eric Roberts (head of Zurn) in a single scene – Roberts is in a lot of bad films, could you only hire him for one scene?
  • Open ended, with rumours of a trilogy…. – No comment.


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