Update and Planning (aka I am making a game)

Right guys, big changes have occurred in my life but that’s not important right now.
Well it is important, but I just mean I will cover this in a later post as right now I have other things to talk about.

For you see, I am a man with an idea, and as we all know ideas are the most dangerous thing you can have.
Right now we live in the most exciting of times, technologically speaking, I mean with the worldwide adoption of smartphones and the current surge in realistic Virtual Reality 3D development, there has never been a better time to be a gamer.

But that’s just the start of it, we have not just VR gaming, but the possibility of Augmented Reality gaming (a field I am very excited about, examples of which come free with most mobile gaming devices now) and even GeoLocation Gaming. Each of these systems has great potential that just needs to be explored.

And then new genres of games have surged into public light (or quite often, resurged back into popularity), I mean have you seen Kongregate lately? There’s at least one Idle/Clicker on the front page at all times, I mean who is playing all of these? I can only imagine there’s one guy with a hundred tabs open playing every Idle Game released.
But that’s just me rambling.

Admittedly, I may be biased here, but right now I see a great chance to meld the RPG/Team Building game, with a strong Location Based Element into a forerunner of the gaming world.
So what I am proposing is just this.

From here on, I am going to develop a prototype for a location based RPG.
This game will consist of the following features:

  • Party based RPG Battle system – PVE
  • Real world locations
  • Monster table based upon location
  • Monster recruitment
  • Location enabled PVP
  • League based NPC’s
  • Location based “shops”
  • Bonus items
  • In-game NPCs to combat
  • Secure Friends listing
  • Trading

I’ll add more planned features as time progresses.

The end result would hopefully be a freemium game, with in-app purchases for bonuses, however it should not be possible to buy victory in game, so that is definitely a “long road” idea.

Now I know the prototype won’t have all those features, it’s only designed to be a demo that shows off my vision of the goal and I plan to post screenshots and updates along the way.
I do have a talented artist working on this project with me, so maybe some concept pictures will be coming if you’re lucky.

I admit, this is actually a pretty big project for me, so one thing I would ask is support, if I know people are interested then it will of course be easier to keep working on things, as I will feel somehow beholden to you to update.
Once things start progressing, I would be interested in funding so I could focus on development full time, but that’s a story for another day.

So show your support, either on the Facebook Page, over on Twitter or Tumblr or any of the other mediums you can find me on.
And if you can’t do that, then share this post with your friends, with your loved ones, your kids, your family, the more support I get behind this the better game we get, it all starts with you.

And now for the sales pitch.

You deserve to be the star of your own adventure.
You shouldn’t be running around fixing the world of someone else, living the life of someone else.
This should be your adventure, your story.

Join me in building a world populated with monsters, with allies to catch and train, with championships to fight for and friends to make.
The world will be changed forever, as you explore everywhere in the quest to grow stronger.
Each location you visit in your daily life provides new monsters to fight, new challenges to overcome, new opportunities to prove one thing.
You’re the very best..

Your journey starts out like most of life’s adventures, you have a choice.
You’re no doubt used to this by now, you’re presented a set of monsters and you must choose a companion, each have their own strengths and weaknesses.
As you adventure, you’ll capture monsters to train, all while gaining experience and growing stronger.
When you’re strong enough, you can take part in regional championships, competitions to prove you have what it takes to go national and maybe you’ll be strong enough to take the world cup.

But this can only succeed if you help me


I am Silent, part time programmer and full time narcissist, gamer, geek and man on a mission.

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