I’ve Got to Fly

As a pre-note to this post, Marian Call has a freshly released Christmas themed Album entitled “Yippee Ki Yay”
Which is available on her BandCamp page, go take a look at that.

It was somewhere back between 2011 and 2012 that I first heard of Marian Call, for you see I was on the google and somehow was seeking fan made content (of any description) for the TV show Firefly.
Through the course of my googling I managed to find that there was a Firefly/SciFi/Nerd album out there by an American artist named Marian Call, the album was called Got to Fly and after listening to it I was hooked, but I have to admit part of what I loved was the album art.
And you know what I found out? The CD was a limited run and went sold out signed by Marian long before I was on the scene.
Of course this broke my heart, but let us not dwell on such things.

It wasn’t long til The Marian Call European Adventure Quest kickstarter happened and I donated, hell I got to meet Marian and so I can say that she is really an amazing person face to face, she made me feel as if it was important that I, some random internet guy, had turned up to her show, she joked around and talked to me and made me feel like she was excited to see me, when we all know I was the excited one at this event.

If you want proof of what I mean here’s a brief example, as my friend and I turned up to the bar, of course being unfashionably early we saw Marian setting up, we said hello and that we would have to find somewhere to sit, she offered us the table nearest upon which the merchandise had been positioned.
Not just that but she sat down right beside me while eating her dinner, hell there is a picture of her sat beside me waving in protest as she ate, which is strange seeing as she insisted on the picture being taken.
Of course I am far too much of a gentleman to share that picture, but that’s neither here nor there.
But Marian Call was terrible fun, great to see live and Scott Barkan (guitarist at the show) was most cromulent.

Regardless, a couple of weeks ago I got an email telling me that Got to Fly, the CD that got me into Marian Call was going back into production, however this time with different artwork and though I immediately bought a copy, I can promise you that if a copy of the original run ends up available I am going to buy it.


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