The Librarian (2004)

With the advent of the TV series The Librarians, I thought I would take a look at the pedigree of the show.
In case you didn’t know the series is based upon a film series of the same name (well, The Librarian, singular) which follows the same track add the series, we have a slightly kooky guy who essentially hunts ancient artifacts that are magical and such…

So we start with The Librarian: The Quest for the Spear, in which Noah Wyle plays Flynn, a perpetual student who is prematurely graduated from his course and advised to “live life”, while wondering how to spend his tone he is invited to interview for a position at the Metropolitan Public Library.
Upon interviewing, Flynn discovers that The Library is a magical place.
Then The Library is broken into and a portion of the Spear of Destiny is stolen and Flynn is set on a quest to save the world by finding the remaining parts of the Spear.

I’ve left plenty of plot for you to check out, so the film isn’t completely spoiled for you.
But you know what I did? I went and looked at the IMDB forums for this film and do you know what I see? “How dare you compare this crap to Indiana Jones” and do you know what I wanted to do immediately after? That’s right, I wanted to compare the damn thing to Indiana Jones.
Both involve mystical artifacts, both contain adventurers and jungles, both are light hearted action adventure with comedy, but one has a significantly higher budget and decades of nostalgia behind it.
Is this as awe inspiring as Indiana Jones? Definitely not, but it’s certainly not crap, comparisons are apt here because the films do have comparable parts and certainly Quest for the Spear is better than Kingdom Skull.

Really, the important thing here isn’t “Is this as good as…” but does this provide entertainment and this certainly does.
It’s not without faults however and I’ll give you the biggest one that annoys me.
The Bad guys are on a quest to get the parts of the Spear of Destiny, so they can recombine the parts and make the Spear whole again, but they require a certain event to create the energy needed to combine the Spear… And luckily that is timed to happen now (well, a day after Flynn gets his hands on the last part of the Spear) and really it bugs me when things like this happen, the timing is just entirely too close.
I mean if Flynn had got lost or delayed at any point of the adventure, it would have made it impossible for the bad guys to accomplish their ultimate goal, hell of Flynn hadn’t gone off to stop the bad guys it would most likely have ended with them being unable to even find the lost parts of the Spear.
But ignoring how perfect the timing is, the film is actually fun and easy going.

So I’m going to put this on my list of films you should give a chance and if you like it, the series had only just started.


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