Oscar (1991)

What’s your favourite Slyvester Stallone film? It may sound a little different but my favourite is Oscar.
Oh you don’t know about this one? You see back in the 90’s, the action comedy was the popular thing, with your average action hero going for the laughter, with Stallone we had Oscar and Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot.
With Schwarzeneger we had Twins and Kindergarten Cop.
Hell even Bruce Willis had the underrated Hudson Hawk (now on this later) and though we look back at this time if cinemagraphic history with some small sense of embarrassment, it was actually quite fun at the time.
So Oscar, set in the time of gangsters and dolls, follows a mafia boss looking to go straight, arranging meetings with bankers and being watched by the police, but it goes beyond this, we have Oscars daughter, a case of mistaken identity, a bag of jewels and… More.
At its heart Oscar is a comedy of errors, I mean that really sums it up, people make mistakes and get confused, it’s a very confusing film for those involved, but of course being privy to every little thing it’s easy enough to follow, which tends to be a big problem for some films, they spend so long trying to be smart that they just end up confusing, at least in Oscar it is the actors and not the audience who are left to confusion.
Compared to comedies that came out towards the end of the 90’s, Oscar is innocent and wholesome, it tackles topics that may have been verboten during the original settings (1920’s and such).

Now I know a lot of people would have seen this and immediately disregarded it, the comedy fans may not have liked Stallone in a comedy, and Stallone fans may not have liked Sylvester being out of his element, I mean no one gets blow up, dismembered, stabbed or shot, certainly a few characters get threatened with something but no one actually ends up being murdered.
In fact, I could tell you all about this film but I won’t, I’ll tell you that the casting is excellent, with Stallone as the Mafia boss turned good, Peter Riegert as his right hand man who takes his job with as little effort as possible, Marisa Tomei plays Stallone’s daughter who may be a little more liberal than her father and Tim Curry is hilarious as a Vocal Coach and Linguistics expert, hired to make Stallone sound more respectable but ends up becoming part of the family.

There’s some pretty good pedigree there and a few surprises left out for you to discover, because you’re about to watch this, yes you are, it’s on Netflix, so go watch it.


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