Path of Destruction (2005)

Okay, so this film is a funny little thing from 2005, starring a pre-Guardians of the Galaxy Chris Pratt the film starts on an oil rig, that is apparently being used by a big bad energy company to work on a nano-particle program, that’s all well and good til the nanobots start reproducing at an alarming rate, quickly overwhelming their containment and pretty much destroying the oil rig. The nanobots quickly take to the clouds, using the weather system to travel the length of America causing destruction on an unprecedented level.
While this is happening, a reporter who just so happened to be working on the oil rig trying to get an undercover scoop gets blamed as the cause of the rig’s destruction and is labelled an Eco Terrorist, she has to convince a young looking Chris Pratt that not only is she completely innocent of all charges, but that there is something going on in a huge scale and his initial work is to blame for it.

Now this film is a low budget straight to TV SciFi flick and it does show, the CGI isn’t good by any means, the prospect of the film is pretty laughable and the characters are iffy for the most part.
Let’s pick the biggest of these, the plot.
Starting we have a company building nanobots that can disassemble something in order to make more of themselves, which is all well and good but in this instance we’re not dealing with Star Trek, more like a miniature 3D printer, they can only build using the materials that you put into the equation, which should make it impossible for these things to build things like batteries which require specific elements.
Next the nanobots are often seen as a flying cloud and do so even early on in the film, at one point Chris Pratt’s character mentions the “grey goo” theory of human destruction, the entire point of which is that the nanobots appear as a liquid entity digesting anything and everything that comes into contact with it, however in this instance and for apparently no reason the nanobots fly.
Which leads directly into the next issue, the nanobots manage to infiltrate a cloud, which is all well and good but then they somehow manage to drive the cloud in any direction they so choose, which doesn’t entirely make sense as now they’re choosing to head towards LA (spoilers, they head towards LA), as if these tiny robots know that LA is there and have some plan for it.
Finally, there’s a big evil corporation that is building this doomsday weapon that is looking to sell it to a foreign nation, but do you know the first thing they teach you at evil corporation school? Your billions in USD becomes worthless when you give America’s enemies a weapon that can destroy pretty much anything American, it’s a big hole in any logic.

Now the characters.
We’ve got one guy extolling the virtues of physical intimacy with a woman so much, you can only assume that he’s trying to hide something, also the same character turns up for work five hours late? By that point what’s the point in going in at all, really.
Next we’ve got an assistant to the big bad guy, in a suit that appears just a little too large who is happy following orders for most of the film, but then seems to have a change of heart in one scene, only to revert in the next.
Then the big bad’s chief scientist handing over the doomsday weapon despite not believing what he’s being told, but going along with it anyway only to activate the secret auto-destruct, that definitely seems like a way to ensure job security.

Ultimately, there’s a lot that lets this film down, it isn’t one I can really advise watching unless you’re trying to prove to someone just how bad the film is, but the bad things are more laughable, in fact that’s pretty much what I did, I spent most of the film laughing at various things.
Maybe it’s a secret comedy?


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