Final Encounter (2000)

When two tribes go to war, for a hundred years you’ll eventually run out of soldiers.

That’s what happened here, two settlements at war for longer than anyone can remember and now one of them has found a way to end the war.
They just need to collect the parts of the last super weapon and make a six week trek into the heart of enemy territory.
But that’s when things start going wrong.

A six man team, two soldiers, one veteran, the general and two witches on a mission to bring an end to the war.
I should possibly explain, you see the witches aren’t actual witches, they’re called programmers once or twice through the film and what they do is essentially what I can only assume to be a form of hacking, or maybe it’s combat, it isn’t really explained but you see computer processes given physical form fighting against the witches.

The basic story is that our team of six have to take an old device into the heart of their enemies city in order to force negotiation.
As they make their way across dangerous ground, fighting against enemies, they one by one the team loses its members, until it’s discovered that one of the witches had killed two teammates.
The last three members make it into the heart of enemy territory with the complete device, but as they reach their goal, we find out that…
Basically we find out that the General has betrayed everyone and intends to launch a dirty nuke underneath the capital building irradiating the city and everyone in it.

Now this isn’t entirely bad a film, the set designs are quite good, the effects were excellent for the time but the acting is cold and the plot makes little sense.
To start with, we’re given relatively little info about the world and how it works, we start off with a scene in which a hungry crowd rush forwards to collect food rations, they’re stopped by a group of gun wielding kids who then step aside and let people return to running, having the soldiers stop everyone but then letting them return to rushing makes no difference what so ever, there are easier ways to show thing are in a state of despair.
Next we’re shown that the army is running out of men and resorting to hiring children, but we’ve already seen grown ups in the world who aren’t in military service, this seems entirely unlikely.
Next a doomsday weapon in parts that has been sitting in place for over twenty years? Bad writing.
Not to mention, the only reason our heroes find out about the Generals plan to betray everyone is because because the seeds of mistrust are sown once people start dying, if no one had been killed on the journey, then no one would have ever been any the wiser.
Additionally, going into enemy territory and killing your men as you go along seems like a bad idea.
Finally, the timing on the bomb is off, a 20 mile blast radius and a seven minute countdown, you’d have to be travelling at about 170mph in order to get outside the initial blast radius.


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