Jack Frost (1997)

Now here’s a film I have yet to see, if you were unaware there are two Jack Frost films, the one I am watching and then in 1998 Micheal Keaton starred in a heartwarming family comedy about a father who died and came back as a snowman.
I can only imagine the confusion, parents eagerly rushing out to buy their kids a family film only to see blood guts and ice, I sort of had an experience in the opposite direction, I never heard about the family film, so one day I sat down to see some carnage and I’m left yelling out “What the fuck is this crap, where’s the death? Where’s the slaughter??”
Very confusing… for all of three minutes.

This film is about serial killer Jack Frost, while on his way to his execution his transport vehicle crashes into a truck carrying some top secret “acid”, Jack ends up being bathed in the acid and melts into the snow beneath his feet.
Then a mysterious snowman goes around town killing people in town.
It’s like naming your kid Evil McDoombringer and expecting him to go into medicine or flower arranging, I’m pretty certain little Evil is gonna go into the doomsday device business.

Now, this isn’t a smart film, it’s a seasonal supernatural horror flick that you want to watch mainly for the awesome kills and jokes, you really need to think of Jack Frost as a comedy of murders and not in any way a serious horror film.
It may have taken me over ten years to see this film, but it was definitely worth waiting for, it’s exactly the schlock horror I was expecting.
If you’re after the same thing, comedy first and messy death scenes after, with a very heavy 90’s vibe to it this is definitely the film for you and I defy you to watch it without cracking a smile.

And yes, that is Shannon Elizabeth right there.


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