Airplane vs Volcano (2014)

So, this is one of those films that I decided to watch upon seeing the title alone, I mean with a name like Airplane vs Volcano hour could I not?
Without reading up on the film, I launched straight in, Netflix cared enough to tell me that Dean Cain starred, considering he was just in my zombie film fest I thought I would give him another viewing, see if I enjoyed this as much as I did his zombie film.
I didn’t.

The plot spends most of its time on a plane that somehow went off course and coincidentally wound up flying into the middle of a bunch of volcanic eruptions in the middle of the ocean somewhere near hawaii.
As the pilot and copilot realise they’re not where they should be, both suddenly die, with the pilot pretty much sitting there while he starts bleeding, which is fair enough but I don’t recall seeing any wound on him.
Magic eh?
The rest of the film has Dean Cain struggling against the autopilot, yet somehow managing to be pin point accurate when needed, while the passengers panic as one passenger of suitably middle eastern descent does all he can to wind them up, and the local military sneaking a rescue against the instructions of the senior officer.

All in all, much of the film doesn’t work, I mean the plane is locked in to auto pilot but Dean Cain has no problem dodging volcanic expulsions, even using falling rock to knock broken engines off the plane wings, I don’t think that’s physically possible.
The passenger causing trouble goes from being barely able to speak due to the altitude of the plane, to trying to through people out of the plane, his actions indicate some kind of manic episode but we don’t see anything about this so he just comes across as crazy and evil.

Honestly, I have to say I spent the entire film waiting for Dean Cain to rip his shirt open revealing the superman costume underneath, as he leaps or and flies everyone to safety.
Instead we’re left with what is meant to be a touching self sacrifice cheapened because we didn’t really get a chance to connect with the character.

To be honest I’d have to say that applies for all the characters, we didn’t get anyone to connect with, no one to identify with.
The film could really have been better, the entire auto pilot thing just removes realism, having people in the cockpit able to see volcanic rocks falling from above and dodging them perfectly, it just didn’t feel like they’re was any real peril for anyone.

And worst of all, the plane never fights the Volcano, I feel lied to…


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