Zombieland (2009)

A fleeting look at Zombieland because it’s HALLOWEEN.

The world ended, not with a bang but with an infected burger and proceeded to rapidly spread through the population, survivors are scarce but for the main hero (Columbus) the only course of action he can think to do is find the family he cut himself off from in the pre-infection days.
On the way he meets and teams up with Tallahassee, a modern day cowboy on the road with a bag full of fun and a grudge against the dead not to mention an unholy quest to find the last Twinkies in existence, while stopping in a mega market Columbus and Tallahassee (the guys) meet Wichita and Little Rock (the girls), Wichita claims Little Rock is infected but the girls end up stealing the guys guns and wheels and run off into the distance.
The guys give chase once they find another set of wheels, only for the girls to hijack them again but this time the guys do not give up and force the girls to take them with them, the group head for Hollywood, aiming to get to Pacific Fun Land (Not to be confused with Future Fun Land for all the Diddy Kong enthusiasts) where there are “no zombies”.
On the way the group connect, with Columbus falling for Wichita, the road trip and adventure coming to a head as they roll into Hollywood, heading straight for Billy Murray’s house they settle down for the night, only for Murray in full Zombie costume to come out but he isn’t infected though the mistake leads to his untimely death (Will we never get another Ghostbusters movie?), after a four gun salute the four settle down for the night but when they wake the guys find the girls have gone but Columbus is determined to find them and Tallahassee can not deny him help.
The girls have run off to Pacific Fun Land and by turning on the machines they have alerted the entire undead horde to their presence and barely manage to make it to the top of one of the rides before becoming surrounded, but the guys arrive just in time…

Okay, so that is a basic run down of the film, I’ve opted not to tell you specifics as they’re the little things that make the movie, and does Tallahassee get his beloved Twinkie?

Okay, I saw this movie on it’s release, let’s face it how was I not going to?
What I liked about the movie is simple, it’s a buddy movie at heart, showing somewhat inept and rule laden Columbus with over the top gun slinging Tallahassee coming to an equilibrium because sometimes you have to break the rules and some times you have to be the hero.
I enjoyed the sheer isolation of the film, a cross country drive with cars littered across the road, even finding a Hostess truck run off a road, adding to the feeling of empty unease.
I especially liked the way Tallahassee baits the undead, not merely waiting to stumble upon the dead (for as you all know, the dead lay in wait to pounce you at the last minute) but causing such a ruckus that they come to you, an ingenious plan that I honestly would not have thought up personally.

Now what I didn’t like about the film, easily Bill Murray getting killed, why no one used their names, it’s all very well having nicknames but calling people after their destinations doesn’t make much sense to me.

All in all, Zombieland is an excellent example of the same message Romero has given us over the years, at it’s best Zombieland works well when everyone is working together and things only begin to go wrong when as a group they do not work towards a common goal.
This can clearly be seen when Columbus and Tallahassee walk into the supermarket with Columbus working as support to Tallahassee’s free style of combat, then when the girls are introduced and proceed to work only towards their interest things go wrong.

In my humble opinion, Zombieland was the definitive undead movie of 2009 and scores a rating of nine living dead neighbours out of ten.

And with that my monster movie marathon month is over, I just want to thank those who have read through and apologise for the days I lacked significant content, I found it harder to review daily than I had anticipated, but enjoyed it immensely, and happy halloween!

Originally written on a previous incarnation of Geekenbrau.
Content remains identical however article titles have been changed.


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