Zombie Women of Satan (2009)

A look at British Horror-Comedy Zombie Women of Satan.

The story loosely follows dirty rock star Skye Brannigan on her quest to find her lost sister.
Now for the specifics, Skye is travelling with a veritable freakshow of circus acts, from the burlesque dancer, to the tongueless strongman, the clown Pervo and the midget who seems to be a part of everything, all on a quest to find her missing sister.
The troupe end up getting booked into a webcast with an elusive fellow who seems to be popular, you know, with the ladies and recruits them into joining his cult.
Anyways as the group get their interview on, elsewhere deep within the compound a mad scientist is using the girls as Guinea Pigs in his experiments to create.. actually we don’t know what he is trying to create, anyway the experiments go wrong and end up bringing the girls back from the dead with a taste for meat.
But some of the infected blood finds itself into the punch that the rest of the girls drink, so it isn’t long before the entire cult are hungry for brains.
Meanwhile, as the outbreak begins the scientists Daughter interrupts the interview with her favourite cultist in tow, none other than Skye’s sister, the daughter grabs the leader and buggers off to find out what is going on, but he realises that Skye has seen her sister and must be dealt with.
Then we follow the freakshow as they fight their way through a horde of the dead, losing the strong man and midget to bites, the ring master to an accidental decapitation and Pervo makes it through safely.
Skye manages to get the group into a Mexican stand off with the leaders of the cult who all happen to be a family whose reason for being seems to be is that they entrap girls for their son to have his way with.
Every bad guy dies, Skye saves her sister, Pervo turns out not to be a complete asshole, happy ending.

But nowhere does this film show Satan or anything really Satanic.

Okay, so Zombie Women of Satan is a British production, which of course is a good thing because England has lost any semblance of originality with the majority of film studios in the Uk having closed down.
But that is neither here nor there, the movie is certainly different, but comes across as more of a good concept that didn’t pan out, it has a good amount of pretty (and naked) girls, but fails to properly explain why the girls are joining the cult or how the freakshow managed to get onto the internet show of the man who had abducted Skye’s sister.
So, minus points would be that the film is definitely low budget, the “show” scenes look to have minimal people involved and don’t really seem to fit into the entirety of the film, the film tends to over use the “Pervo the Clown” schtick a definitive weak point being him going off to masturbate during the middle of a zombie outbreak, the overuse of fart and shit jokes culminating in the midget taking a dump that is bigger than he is and finally that everyone in the families shown, have different accents having counted central English, Australian, American and west-country.
Plus points would include the original content, the idea of a cult starting a zombie outbreak is good even if the film fails to explain it, I certainly like the abundance of girls to look at and the visual effects aren’t entirely bad, ranging from the impressive to the ludicrous at times.

All in all, Zombie Women of Satan feels low budget, drags on a little bit and wraps up too neatly for my tastes, but if you like that then double my scoring, four undead naked cult girls out of ten.

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Content remains identical however article titles have been changed.


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