Survival of the Dead (2009)

A look at George Romero’s Survival of the Dead.

Okay, so far we have discussed how Romero has tried showing us a human side to the zombies, although they may have become flesh craving monsters they’re not too different from us, hell they used to be us.
Whether it was a zombie being taught how to use a gun, remembering something they knew in life or even zombies acting as a group with purpose, Romero appears to have some interest in showing the evolution of the dead and that is not a bad thing, though I have a special place in my heart for the classic stumbling undead in order to survive in a modern cinema the undead need to evolve.
But Romero doesn’t seem to be handling it well, as experienced in Survival of the Dead.

Now Survival is the only “Of the Dead” movies that pick up with characters already established in a previous film, but instead of giving us an extension of the characters we already have a connection towards, we’re introduced to bit-players from a previous film who I have to admit, I could not recall at the time.
The main part of the story takes place between two warring families (of Irish descent) who take different views on how to handle the zombie outbreak, again this ties in to the continual message Romero has given us about the need for teamwork in order to survive a zombie apocalypse.
As I mentioned earlier, Romero takes his theme of evolution further primarily this is shown through two parts to the film, firstly we see a zombie who in death rides a horse as she did in life, later she is caught and she is lead to eat horse meat in an effort to wean the undead off human flesh, despite initial failures this ends up working.

Though every other film I have added a plotline, sometimes the most basic, in this instance I think the film is as recent as to not require it, though I do feel that this movie is only of interest to die hard fans of Romero.

Still feeling disappointed with the quality of Romero’s work, but glad to see the PoV action ditched, Survival of the Dead scores five dead relatives out of ten.

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