Zombie Strippers (2008)

Almost there, now watching Zombie Strippers.

It’s the immediate future and the world has gone to hell, George W Bush has been re-elected for a fourth term, the religous right wing have gained complete power and have disassembled any resistence to their rule, public nudity has been outlawed and the United States have been stuck in a dozen wars for years.
In an effort to fuel their nations wars scientsits have created a virus capable of reanimating dead soldiers in an effort to keep them on the battle field, but the virus has infected the staff and a group of marines have been dispatched to the lab in order to keep the outbreak from getting out onto the street, but the marines are given false information and barely make it out with their lives.
All except new recruit Byrdflough who, in the chaos gets bitten and rather than suffer a quick death at the hands of his team mates, he runs and finds himself in an underground strip club called Rhino’s.
Byrdflough turns while in the club, attacks and infects one of the dancers.
While discussing what to do with the dancer (Kat) she gets back up and decides to dance again, despite an initially cold reception Kat’s dancing is more popular than ever.
The other strippers have a battle against the ratings as the clientele increasingly prefer the gorwing number of undead strippers, but as the crowds grow larger so too does the death toll as the strippers need to eat and the basement becomes full as their meals reanimate but soon the bad descisions of the staff end up with the undead running loose.
As the crowd die, zombie stripper squares off against zombie stripper in a battle of the sexy, but the marine squad burst in having tracked Byrdflough to the club but find out the zombie outbreak was engineered from the very beginning.

What does a porn star do when they want to move into the mainstream? They star in a low budget horror movie and that’s what this is, don’t be confused by the big names, Jenna Jameson and Robert Englund star in this undead horror and frankly apart from the sheer volume of female nudity and occasional zinger it has little going for it.

The Marine’s seem more like actors trying to play tough than anyone who is actually worth paying attention to, I have to admit that I was surprised when Byrdflough was the only person infected as the rest of the team comes across as if they can barely handle the sheer size of the weapons they’re using and when one soldier throws a knife through a fly, it is just sheer laughable.

But let us be honest, as the opening loads we see a montage establishing the universe and it is a reliable low budget future, the world has gone to hell and it is a world we could easily have slipped into but despite that, it feels cheap and unfinished.
The movie definitely feels as if it was made by a group of teens who thought it would be awesome to make a zombie movie about strippers and to be honest the combination should work, akin to the low budget horrors that came to be from the 80’s and though those films kept the low budget 80’s surviving, nowadays it doesn’t cut it.

All in all, the failings I see are numerous, the writing is sacrificed in order to keep the focus on breasts and a quick joke and to be honest for me it does not work, to me the movie just seems to be lacking something and would have been better if they had tried to make a smarter movie instead of just flashing us tits and arse.

So in the end, Zombie Strippers scores five necrophiliacs out of ten, but most of that is because I like boobs.

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Content remains identical however article titles have been changed.


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