Undead or Alive (2007)

A rushed look at Undead or Alive as I have yet to go home today.

I must apologise as I am doing this rather rushed and again stealing the plot from wiki:
Before his capture, Geronimo had cursed white men causing people to become zombies. At a house a man named Ben Goodman (Brian Posehn) acts suspicious and attacks and eats his wife and daughter’s brains.
In a town Luke (Chris Kattan) wants to marry a woman at a saloon (Elizabeth Slagsvol). On arriving he encounters Elmer (James Denton) and discovers that his “princess” is a hooker and he fights with Elmer until Sheriff Claypool (Matt Besser) takes them to jail and they are kept there. They find Ben there and when they escape he bites the Sheriff’s assistant Cletus (Chris Coppola) after he is gagged.
Luke and Elmer find the Sheriff and the hooker at the dry gulch saloon making out. They take money and make a getaway. The Sheriff finds Cletus on the ground bleeding and he bites Claypool. They hang Ben and unknowing that he will not die of that they cut his corpse from the rope and he chases a priest into the dry gulch saloon where he bites the hooker and the bar owner, while the priest hides in a closet.
Luke and Elmer are found by Sue (Navi Rawat) and they meet and bond. Meanwhile the priest tries to get water and he accidentally locked himself out of the closet and is bitten by the hooker. On the way to the Colorado River they are captured by soldiers who are killed by the Sheriff and Cletus. They discover they can kill the zombies by decapitation.
During the night, while hiding out in the fort, Sue reveals that the only way to be cured of the zombie curse is to eat the living flesh of the medicine man that created the curse. They shoot several objects at the sheriff and the zombies to no avail. On the way to a hut Elmer trie’s to punche kermit in the mouth (but)gets bitten Kermit (exclaiming”see you in hell Winslow.)Elmer becomes a zombie and knocks Cletus off a cliff and throws his gun down afterwards, then he bites Luke and they go to eat Sue.
Sue finds Sheriff Claypool and she cuts his head down the middle and chops his head off. The duo catch up to and surround Sue. You see her charging and whooping Native American style as she attacks them. The next scene is of Elmer and Luke looking normal again. Apparently, Sue was a descendant of the medicine man that created the curse. Elmer has figured that out when Sue told them how to cure the curse and figured as a backup plan he would eat Sue. Apparently, Sue tasted like gingerbread. The duo ride off into the sunset as Cletus stands up and chases them down the field.
An epilogue shows Ben digging up his family and the three of them (with their dog) skip into town.

Okay, so I’ve entertained the idea of zombie comedies and this one is placed in a unique situation, it’s a tale of betrayal and death in the wild west, but I can not hand on heart say it works.
Main characters Elmer and Luke come across as somewhat underwritten in an effort to convey comedy, they feel rushed and tend to make me feel like cringing more than laughing, though I like both actors in previous roles, so the only reason I can see for the movie leaving me wishing for a laugh track so I can tell when the jokes come along.
But otherwise the movie provides an interesting origin of infection, but using a famous indian for the progenitor seems like a weak move to me, nothing more than a name-drop that doesn’t work because Geronimo isn’t currently popular enough to really require it and I doubt historians are interested in zomcoms.
Otherwise, this movie makes the unusual step of infecting it’s leads, but it’s okay because there is a get out clause and the infected can turn human again and it just seems to be too much of a nicely bowed up ending and too be honest it just ruins the movie for me, maybe the heroes can fight through their infection or maybe they don’t but to me just using magic to undo the infection is just too neat and is bad writing.

All in all I do not approve, but part of me still likes the movie but I can’t tell you why, Undead or Alive scores three mystic curses out of ten and I wish I could give it more.

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