Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane (2007)

A hung over look at Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane.

So, as I mentioned previously, the last two days were a little busy for me and I could have prepared for them better, at some point I may go back and re-do the reviews, but enough of looking in my pants, today let us look forward to a new movie, an awesome movie, well I willl get to that.
In order to ensure you get the best quality summary of the plot, take this you crazy people, a well written plot outline from IMDB.

On a routine flight from Los Angeles to Paris, a renegade group of scientists has smuggled aboard a secret container holding a fellow scientist infected with a deadly genetically engineered virus which reanimates the dead.

The virus is a variant of the Malaria virus, created by three scientists. They discovered and manufactured the virus with the intent of turning it into a biological weapon. Their goal was to produce soldiers who could continue fighting, even while mortally wounded. The virus is transmitted through bodily fluids. The infected have superhuman abilities, sprinting and leaping beyond human capabilities. The zombies become very durable, and one particular zombie survives despite being thrown into a plane’s engine.

The 747 jumbo jet encounters massive thunderstorms, and the turbulence releases the scientist from the cargo hold. A guard assigned to her kills her with an MP-5, when she re-animates and attacks and kills him, turning him into a zombie. Two of the scientists go below to ascertain if the container has been damaged by the turbulence, and are also killed, starting a zombie outbreak. They then attack several passengers in the cabin, and an epidemic of the undead begins.

The uninfected passengers must now fight for survival aboard the flight. No government will allow the infected airliner to land, leaving the survivors stranded in the sky with their ravenous tormentors. Ultimately a golf pro (Billy), his wife (Anna), a cop (Burrows), a con artist (Frank), an Air Marshal (Paul) and a stewardess (Megan) are all that are left of the uninfected people. They must make their way to the cockpit and signal a fighter jet behind them that there are still living people aboard the 747 or the fighter will destroy them. After managing to get an MP-5 from the dead guard, Burrows, Frank and Billy make their way from the tail of the plane to the cockpit. Billy is bitten but manages to kill the zombie. Anna rushes to help while Paul holds off the infected in the back. Unfortunately, while fighting in close quarters, Anna is also bitten. She manages to kill the infected by stabbing an umbrella through its mouth and out the back of its head, but realizes she will shortly die and reawaken. She and Billy back up against an exit door and when he runs out of ammo they open it, sucking themselves and several zombies out of the plane to their apparently final deaths.

Frank and Burrows make it to the cockpit where Frank kills the zombie copilot, and the two of them try to get the plane off autopilot and signal the fighter which fires at them. They’re ultimately successful and waggle the plane’s wings, alerting the fighter. The fighter pilot hits the abort key and the missile explodes away from the 747, but close enough to the plane to open a hole in the side. All the zombies are apparently sucked out. Frank and Burrows try to control the plane, but hit a mountain and crash land near Las Vegas. During the crash the pilot is reanimated and attacks them but Burrows manages to blow his head off with the MP-5. Megan, Paul, Frank and Burrows all survive and make their way towards the city, but after they leave its revealed that four zombies survived as well. The movie ends with the zombies shambling towards the city.

Well now, isn’t that better than what I would have written?
So, I bought Flight of the Living Dead upon release, actually on it’s opening day for some reason, at the time I was working for a Dvd retailer and we had a run of budget horrors lining our charts, I expected no less from FotLD, a budget horror being promoted as a s decent film with a price tag to match and let me tell you, the £15 price tag was worth it to me.
The production quality is high, the acting is well done with just enough corny to show the movie isn’t taking itself too seriously, from the “creepy till you work out he is the air marshall” Paul Judd to the “cheesy but somehow you can’t bring yourself to dislike him” con Frank, the range of characters works well within the confined enviroment of a flight.
It seems a lot of people are confusing FotLD with such Asylum productions as Snakes on a Train, imagining the film to be a rip off of Snakes on a Plane, which itself was almost a parody of the classic creature feature movies, but as I previusly stated the production values are high, the acting is decent across the board and for a zombie movie, it works.

My best bits would be conman Frank spying on staff and passengers through gratings while he is suspected of cannibalism, seeing Dr. Bennett torn in half by the undead and a jet engine and of course seing a cheating couple outed by an undead leap.

Little niggles that didn’t work however is the thought that Dr. Bennett can tell an Air Marshell he is not allowed in the planes cargo hold, that an armed guard would be allowed to sit unsecured in the cargo bay of a plane and that the Co-pilot would beg the Pilot to let him into the cabin when he knows that bites bring people back and he has been bitten.
And one logical problem for me, not that it is set in stone but more that it’s just something I have taken away from what I saw in the movie, Patient Zero (Dr. Kelly) was infected with the “zombie virus” but did not turn untill she died, where as with the crew and passengers, it looks more as if the bite kills and brings them back immediately, it seems to me that the delay in Kelly’s turning was somehow used to heighten the drama, while ignoring what ever science they might actually have decided to establish.
But as I say, niggles that don’t really detract from the storyline.

So Flight of the Living Dead entertains and provides gore and bloodshed, a good staple in a market filled with lacklustre undead, scoring a hearty eight ill concieved choices out of ten.

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