Diary of the Dead (2007)

Romero tries again with Diary of the Dead.

As several students and their professor film a low budget mummy movie, they become aware of the zombie outbreak, the group split up and one of the number (Debra) whilst unable to contact her parents, decides to drive to her parents house in Pennsylvania, while on the journey the group have a crisis of faith, run into the boisterous military, see humanity trying to regain a hold in the world and see that sometimes things do not always go according to plan.

Another quick movie today, which might be best as this is one I can whole heartedly say I dislike.
My main issue is with the use of PoV horror is one of the laziest ways to film, it’s an excuse for a director to basically show us an incomplete world and ignore suspense in favour of a shaky camera, then we have the logistical nightmare in PoV horror, especially bad in Diary of the Dead, the group seem able to get compatible videostreams from everywhere they travel which they proceed to upload to youtube, it’s not the 90’s anymore, PoV has been done and no doubt done better.
I would have been quite happy with another movie along the lines of Land of the Dead, but I get the feeling Romero is trying to cater to the current taste in Zombie, but I will say this only once.
I really hate to see Romero pump out something on the same level as a no budget teen production.

Though the zombie content is of a high calibre, the movie is underwhelming, highly unoriginal and derivative of Romero’s previous works.
Diary of the Dead scores a disappointing three cctv cameras out of ten.

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