Dead and Deader (2006)

Finding out what Dean Cain has been into since superman, it’s Dead and Deader.

While on active duty in the middle east, Lt. Bobby Quinn is killed but a scorpian makes it’s way into his body, bringing him back from the dead but before the bug can fulfill it’s dastardly duty Bobby manages to cut it out of his body stalling the transformation.
But bobby realises that he wasn’t the only one infected in battle and has to battle his old team mates, not only to put them at rest, but for the sake of the country.

Not much of a synopsis today as I am in something of a rush, so I will just go on to tell you about this movie.
Made for tv and it shows, this film has high hopes and though it doesn’t reach quite the lofty stars it was aiming for, the movie seems to split zombie fans in two distinct camps, those who enjoy it and those who detest it, happily I am one of the former.
I enjoyed the campness of the movie, I enjoyed the geeky jokes and references, such as when trapped in a freezer, one of the characters turns to Bobby and asks him to use his heat vision, a reference to Cain’s tenure as Clark Kent in The New Adventure of Superman.
Despite liking the film, I didn’t like the mechanism used for the infection, frankly I don’t see the use of a bug as very effective, it raises more questions than it answers and leaves a big hole for me.

Though I liked it, I have to rate it according to content and not just my interest, so Dead and Deader scores four out of ten modes of infection.

Originally written on a previous incarnation of Geekenbrau.
Content remains identical however article titles have been changed.


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