Big Ass Spider! (2013)

After the disappointment of yesterday (I can’t believe I left you with DotD2: Contagion and Spider 3D on the same day) I am gonna make it up to you today.

Today I’ll be taking a look at Big Ass Spiders! Another monster movie featuring giant spiders.

The film starts off with bug Exterminator Alex being bitten by a small brown recluse, just venomous enough to warrant a trip to hospital without being life threatening, while waiting to tackle the bill, down in the Morgue some form of giant spider escapes from a corpse and attacks the morgue attendant.
Alex manages to wrangle an exchange, he’ll tackle the spider if the hospital waives his bill and thus he begins an adventure fighting an ever growing spider, struggling against a military conspiracy that can’t really keep itself secret, all while trying to woo the military girl he just met.
Can our hero take his knowledge of bugs to the next level? Can he fight against all the odds? Can he get the girl? Can he make us laugh?

Now yesterday I went on at length telling you how I love bad films, but they need a redeeming feature, in Big Ass Spider! that feature is comedy, don’t get me wrong it’s got decent effects (well, in some places it’s lacking, but generally the CGI is pretty decent, especially as the spider runs around once it gets larger), the acting is pretty good, I’m a general fan of Ray Wise, but then with Greg Grunberg and Lin Shaye are both memorable faces bringing their talents to this, the story is pretty basic but for a genre that’s been going on for over sixty years it’s not about the plot as much as how you handle it.

What really made the film for me was Lombardo Boyar playing Jose, a security guard at the hospital tasked with helping Alex, taking the instruction to heart he becomes the driving force behind Alex’s success, calling himself the Robin to Alex’s Batman Jose is the ever plucky comic relief, when Alex is all out of steam and ready to call it quits and go home, it’s Jose who pumps him up and brings things back on track.
Honestly remove everything else from the film, take away Greg Grunberg and Ray Wise and you still have Jose jumping over obstacles trying to make a difference.

Yesterday we had a Spider based monster movie I had to warn you away from, today we have one that may never win any awards, but it is a pretty good film.
So go, go watch it, go watch it now.


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