Day of the Dead 2: Contagium (2005)

A disdainful look at Day of the Dead2: Contagium

Fifty years ago the Ravenside Military Hospital in Pennsylvania, the army storm the compound killing the staff and patients without remorse, fighting their way to a room containing a mutated russian, as the residents of Ravenside turn undead and the body count rises, one soldier sneaks out a vial of contagium only to be killed shortly after hiding the cannister.
Five days ago, a work group from a local residential psychiatric unit find the vial and open it, infecting themselves and their doctor.
Four days ago, mutation begins, the group begin to feel shared experiences, shared pain and hunger, the female bites an orderly.
Three days ago, the group begin lusting over human flesh, find out the truth of the original infection and the infected orderly goes upon a killing spree.
Two days ago… Total outbreak.

This movie is nothing to do with Day of the Dead, this movie has nothing to do with the terrible “remake” of Day of the Dead, it’s a cheap tacky and crazy, let me point out a couple of things that I just did not like in this movie.

Firstly, the muzzle flashes, their use of sems a little well.. hit and miss, far too often I sat there wondering if the soldiers were using BB guns instead of real ammo.
The CGI “pathogen” showing infection and the same visual effects being used to display the virus taking over at night, if I ever see a virus that looks like this I will know to run.
The entire psychic connection between the characters seemed odd and out of place for a zombie movie.
The chronology of the film makes little sense initially, only when we get a few days closer to the present day do we really see what the writers attempted.
Towards the end of the movie, we see a flashback to the initial Russian infection, to which we are told that when an infected human tastes human flesh they mutate further, this of course leads to a trio of our infected suddenly having an uncontrollable urge to feast.. but didn’t pregnant Anna already bite a chenk out of the orderly?
Finally, the virus is airbourne, meaning anyone in the hospital is infected and turns when they die whether by bite or not, so when he orderly starts killing everyone except the initial infected it makes no sense to me, they’re all infected but at different stages, so why were any of them infected?

This movie is the worst I have seen all month, it barely makes any sense and makes for an ninty minutes of pure mockery, worst of all they’re planning “Number 3”.
Day of the Dead 2 scores the most generous rating I can give it of point five shoddy sequels out of ten, and only then because some of the undead didn’t look too bad.


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