Sars Wars (aka: Bangkok Zombie Crisis 2004)

Watching Bangkok Zombie Crisis for the first time.

Thailand’s Public Health Minister declares the country to be free from the Sars virus, thanks to superior medical technology and research and the disease will be kept from reappearing in the country, meanwhile in Africa the Sars virus has mutated into a new strain which causes it’s sufferers to reawaken as mindless bloodthirsty zombies.
A bug carrying the infection is caught in the wake of an airliner and lands in Thailand where the bug flies into the window of a car stinging the occupant, the man becomes infected and proceeds to infect the people who share his building, including a giant python.
Elsewhere a schoolgirl (Liu) is kidnapped by a gang lead by a transvestite (Yai), Liu’s father does not wish to call in the police and so turns to a friend, the kungfu master Thep however injured by a motorcycle on his last mission sends his student, the swordsman Khun Krabi, in his place to rescue Liu.
Liu manages to escape from the gang but ducks into an apartment in which the first zombie is feasting upon the resident, the gang catch up with her, dispatch the zombies and drag her back to their lair but Khun appears and while distracting the hoodlums carries Liu off to safety but by the time they reach the front doors the army swarm in and lock Khun and Liu to a railing.
Master Thep, aware that his student is in danger, goes to the building just as the Health Ministry send in a unit of men with Doctor Diana who has a series vaccine that they plan to test in the a hope will cure the zombie infection but in the end the vaccines doesn’t work, only causing the undead to explode.
The tranq guns the a military are using are running out quicker than the boffins had considered and the undead start reanimating, closing in on Diana the undead rip off her biohazard suit revealing her very skimpy undergarments.
During the ensuing battle Thep finds his magic sword has no charge and can not function, but he becomes closer to Diana through it.
Khun and Liu encounter a pregnant woman who is infected and carrying a zombie baby, the baby attacks Khun and turns him into a zombie, distraught Khun ends up ingesting a selection of chemicals but in a moment of pure luck, it does not kill Khun but cures his infection.
Liu is eat by the giant python but Master Thep manages to save her and charge up his magical sword as well.
The building is primed to explode but Thep averts disaster using a spare remote control he has in hand.
Liu and Khun live happily ever after, well, after a little bit more trouble at least.

Over the top action, not afraid to make fun of itself, Sars Wars (aka, Bangkok Zombie Crisis) shows a simple story, well two simple stories that coincide, a girl is kidnapped while a zombie outbreak occurs, the majority of the infection takes place in a drug filled dance hall, leaving us with a a regiment of the undead standing between our heroes and freedom.
The comedy is top notch, keeping the humour rolling along continually throughout, not content with this it keeps the blood spurting and the “wtf” factor high.

Best points:
Thep’s magical sword running on two size-C batteries.
Diana in her outfit.
The comedic sex scenes.

Worst point:
The CGI for the undead newborn is a little dated and noticeably so.

Sars Wars scores a laugh filled eight romances of the dead out of ten.

Originally written on a previous incarnation of Geekenbrau.
Content remains identical however article titles have been changed.


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