Dead and Breakfast (2004)

A smile at Dead and Breakfast.

Six twenty-somethings are on the road, driving towards Galveston in an RV heading towards the wedding of a mutual friend, but as night draws in they are left with little option but to stay over night in a Bed and Breakfast owned by the mysterious Mr. Wise, one of the friends gets into a fight with the B&B’s french chef, Henri and when Henri is found slaughtered that night and Mr. Wise is found dead froma heart attack, the Sheriff keeps the group in town so he can question them during his investigation.
Soon enough a mysterious drifter is arrested and blamed for the deaths, but when one of the travellers has to climb in through a window, he knocks over a mysterious box containing the angry spirit of an unborn child, the spirit takes over the fellow turning him into a zombie, as he goes on his rampage he collects trinkets, hair and blood from each and placing it within the mysterious box and turning each of his victims into another zombie, things pretty much follow the same formula after that, the survivors hold up with makeshift guns while a couple of them run off and try to get to the grass roots of the undead problem, all the while we get musical updates on the attack.
Movie ends with two girls and the drifter surviving but we don’t get to see the wedding.

This movie has been hailed as the American Shaun of the Dead, but I ma glad to say it is far from the truth, Shaun of the Dead was a RomZomCom featuring aa hearty slice of English comedy, where as Dead and Breakfast is a corny slive of americana wrapped up with the undead.
There are several things I consider a plus with this movie, the comedy is top notch, the different use of lore for the creation of the undead and yes I even like the hillbilly who continually pops up to sing us through the movie, if you’re looking to have fun, this is for you.
Unfortunately people tend to approach this flick as if it is a serious movie with a sub layer of comedy, but the comedy is the focus and the zombies the mechanism, the movie really has been miss-sold to the public, but is enjoyable in it’s own rights.
But for me the real draw back has to be that some of the plot points have not really been flesh out and could use more of an explanation, though there are good explanations out there, a discussion on IMDB does not make a plot point cannon.

Dead and Breakfast scores a dependable six point seven zombie songs out of ten.

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