Versus (2000)

Part one in our “mixing it up” with Asian zombie action flick Versus.

Having escaped from prison, Prisoner KSC2-303 and a fellow prisoner run into a group of mobsters who have kidnapped a girl, the group have met up at the burial ground of the mobsters, a place known as The Forest of Resurrection, named as such because it is one of the six hundred and sixty six portals between this world and hell, the name of the forest is evidently because the dead rise from the ground and return as zombies.
After the Mobsters attack, everything goes to hell with the dead rising, the unnamed prisoner and several mobsters dying, KSC2-303 and the girl escape into the forest and the hoodlums chase them within.
Inside the forest, KSC2-303 begins to have flashes of his previous life, in which he was a humble swordsman who sought to protect the world from the clutches of evil, through these flashbacks KSC2-303 begins to understand why he was brought to the forests.
As the body count rises, the mob have a harder time tracking down KSC2-303 as one by one they succumb to the undead joining their evil ranks.
Meanwhile the mob leader appears, showing more interest in KSC2-303 and the girl he begins tracking them down, toying with KSC2-303 who has yet to fully realise what is going on.
As the avatar of good and evil draw closer together, the battle for the universe draws to an almighty conclusion…
99 years later…

Okay, so the undead in Versus are not the typical “Braiiins” or mindless types, they attack as a force with some aim to accomplish, though they be rotting they are a formidable force and many retain their memories and attributes after death.
The kung-fu scenes are well choreographed and intense, the battles are over the top in pure anime style including police with giant fucking guns and spidery undead.
The swords though impractical look awesome.

Through out the movie we are presented with a prisoner who happens to be a hero, blurring the lines that society presses upon us so heavily, we do not know why KSC2-303 is imprisoned but we are shown that he has a good heart.
The ending however shows us that even good people can become corrupt, whether through the abuse of power or through inclusion in the penal system (the idea being once you’re in jail, it is hard to get out of the cycle of crime).
And though we do not know what happens after the credits roll, it seems an American sequel is on the cards, though if the plot of Versus were rehashed it would be a terrible idea, it would be an excellent concept to have the movie set in one of the other 666 portals to hell.

With a minimal slow moments and yet still suffering bad translations, Versus scores seven point two open portals out of ten.

Originally written on a previous incarnation of Geekenbrau.
Content remains identical however article titles have been changed.


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