Return of the Living Dead 3 (1993)

A glance over my aviators at Return of the Living Dead 3.

At Julies request, her boyfriend Curt steals his father’s ID and uses it to sneak onto a military base where Curt and Julie witness Curt’s father (Colonel Reynolds) and a cadre of scientists experimenting with the Trioxin compound to see if it can be used in the manufacturing of biological weapons.
After gettng caught by the Colonel, Curt and Julie speed off ending up in a crash that takes Julie’s life, a grief stricken Curt breaks back into the facility in order to use the Trioxin in order to reanimate Julie.
After they leave, curt and Julie find themselves in a store at the same time as a latino gang, unable to keep her new urges in check Julie attacks and bites one of the gang members before they flee.
The pair end up seeking refuge from both the Military and the gang, in the home of a hobo named the Riverman, as the gang catch up with the trio Julie turns to self mutilation in order to maintain her sanity, using the pain to stave off the corrosive effects of the toxin on her personality.
Of course the gang gets in and things turn into a blood bath, but the military turn up and manage to get everyone to the secret base.
Curt while present at the base sees the horrors that the military scientists are putting the undead through and chooses to end his own life with Julie than to let her go through such torment.

A very basic plot outline, I’m missing a lot but the nuance of the story are all little surprises for you now, the important thing I should note to start with is that Return of the Living Dead 3 takes a huge step away from it’s two predecessors, ditching the comedic elements for a darker and more gruesome atmosphere.
As with the previous movies, a freshly turned corpse is capable of retaining their thoughts, memories and feelings, but seem more able to control themselves during and after the transformation, Curt is able to get an undead Riverman upon his side by recalling something the Riverman had said to him in life.
The transformation process has also changed, instead of being an instant rebirth for the dead Julie takes time to awaken and more still in order to lose control.

Though creepy with her mechanical attachments, undead Julie is still hot and at times it is easy to see why Curt goes to such extremes for her, though she may ask a lot ultimately he does love her and sometimes that means the end of the world.
I would have liked to have seen a sequel set in the Julie/Curt universe, to fit in with the double feature-ability of the first and second movies and the fourth and fifth, a twin for the middle child would have made a nice amendment, whether they had plans and ditched them due to poor reception by fans or thought to break away from the semi-established universe is unclear, but either way Return of the Living Dead 3 is strong enough to stand on it’s own merits.

Dark and dead, Return of the Living Dead 3 scores a creeptastic eight spineshuddering moments out of ten.

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