Ed and His Dead Mother (1993)

Ed and His Dead Mother.

Ed hasn’t been handling things too well this past year, not since his mother died so when a salesman from Happy People makes him the offer of a lifetime, Ed jumps at it but things do not go to plan, starting out things go smoothly but over time her behaviour becomes more erratic, peeling potatoes in the fridge, chasing animals and taking little lives.
As the bills for mothers upkeep get higher, so does her odd behaviour.

Though I have seen many comparisons of Ed and his Dead Mother with Dead Alive, I can’t say I agree with the choice to compare the two.
Of course I accept that both movies have vaguely similar premises, the differences are more plentiful, both movies feature zombie-mothers and dutiful sons, but other than that they’re both zombie-comedies, other than that things take drastic side steps away from each other.
Dead Alive relies heavily on the gore-factor to gross out the viewer, Ed leaves the vicious and violent scenes just off camera, letting us imagine the carnage for ourselves.
Dead Alive is at heart the tale of a man who had been lied to his entire life, Ed is more akin to a son making a deal with the Happy People-devil in order to save a mother he loves dearly.

Ed is played by none other than my hero Steve Buscemi, using the role to show how underrated and type cast he is in major cinema, under Buscemi’s guidance we feel compassion, heart break, joy and in the end enlightenment.
And in the end, can a movie not leave us with a message (other than how to plan for a zombie outbreak of course)? Ed and His Dead Mother is one of those rare movies that does try to convey a deeper meaning, sometimes we have to let go.

So all in all, funny but not slapstick nor is it obvious gross out humour that seems to be made a lot nowadays, well worth a look.

Ed and His Dead Mother both score a six point five little live things out of ten, would have been more only for my Buscemi man crush.
(Only a short one today, hah!)

Originally written on a previous incarnation of Geekenbrau.
Content remains identical however article titles have been changed.


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