Braindead (1992)

A happy look over the classic Peter Jackson movie, Dead Alive (aka Braindead).

On an island somewhere in the pacific, a smuggler is on the run from a tribe of natives with his ill gotten gains, after the escape his helper spies a cut upon his arm and proceeds to slice it off with his machete, another cut is spied, another slice of the sword, the smuggler ends up dead but his cargo makes it to the boat safely, the “cursed” Sumatran Rat-Monkey is on it’s way to a zoo in New Zealand.
In a small town in New Zealand Lionel, while out buying groceries for his overbearing mother meets Paquita, a girl who believes she and Lionel are destined to be together, despite going through terrible hardships.
Paquita manages to convince Lionel to go on a date with her to the Zoo the following day, but while on their date Lionel’s mother follows them and ends up being bitten by the Rat-Monkey, Lionel rushes her home leaving a distraught Paquita alone.
Lionel’s mother ends up attacking and turning people left right and center, while Lionel has to deal with the ever increasing number of the dead (including a priest, a nurse and a couple of hoodlums) Paquita digs herself deeper into Lionel’s affections.
After Mother’s funeral, Lionel’s uncle proceeds to blackmail Lionel into handing over the estate, while holding a house party to celebrate the Uncle’s new home, the undead break out and begin slaughtering the revellers.
Things come to a head with Lionel finding out that his mother has been lying about his father all his life, using this new found knowledge and his recently discovered backbone Lionel confronts his mutated mother and using Paquita’s love and a magic amulet he wins out and the movie ends.

“I kick ass in the name of the Lord” Watching Kung-fu priest kicking the collective butts of the freshly dead punk gang.
Watching Peter Jackson’s cameo as the bumbling (and gross) mortuary assistant.
Seeing zombie-priest and zombie-nurse getting it on during the big zombie vs living showdown.
Watching Lionel’s uncle getting what is coming to him..
Seeing the inventive zombie deaths.

At times a little too gross-out.

Well that was a big list, so you might be able to guess I like this movie, it is funny, it’s gross and it’s intelligent, the self contained world works well, the effects work and the fight scenes are excellent.

Dead Alive, aka Braindead scores a stable seven undead romances out of ten.

Originally written on a previous incarnation of Geekenbrau.
Content remains identical however article titles have been changed.


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