Simpsons Tapped Out – The High Cost of Freemium

Earlier, I talked about my frustrations with Origin and I mused upon how much it might cost to purchase every Premium Item in the free game The Simpsons Tapped Out.
I’ve made my calculations and I’ll include a huge ass list at the end of this post with a list of all the current items available. (Although, in case the game updates before this is published, the current theme is Fantasy, with the Nerd/Castle fights).

For every premium item currently in the game, about 130 items all together, it would cost 9678 Donuts.
In order to get enough Donuts, you would have to overshoot a little bit but it would cost you roughly £285.93

So a free game costs £285.93, how insane is this?
Remember, with every update to the game another batch of limited edition premium items is released, so this cost doesn’t include the past items, doesn’t include future items and it doesn’t account for Donuts spent on accelerating the game’s timers nor on Donuts that may be spent on in-game cash to buy the big ticket items.

Now for the list as I promised, my figures should all add up correctly, but be warned I will not update this listing as the game updates, the figure of £285.93 is a good base figure for going forwards, as a note the items that have an additional character/costume have a * next to the name.

115 Krusty’s Mansion
160 The Hungry Hun *
100 The Happy Sumo *
150 Lotto ‘n’ Liquor *
160 Apu’s Apartment *
150 Cracker Factory *
100 Museum if Natural History
90 Springfield Pet Shop *
180 Stu’s Disco *
200 Camp Crusty *
120 Film Set *
150 Community Center *
90 Sprawl Mart
160 Open Air Stage
100 Asia de Cuba
60 Fireworks, Candy & Puppies
120 School Bus *
180 Crazy Cat House *
140 Krustlu Studios *
120 Ferris Wheel
150 Planet Hype
200 Volcano Lair *
75 Springfield Observatory
250 Barney’s Bowlarama *
70 Try-N-Save
110 Lard Lad Donuts
190 Duff Brewery *

Decorative Items
6 Mystery Box
15 Homer Buddha
5 Homer’s Hammock
1 Picket Fence
10 Flower Planter
6 Bench
10 Dumpster
25 Backwater Brewery
60 Hans Moleman
150 Santa’s Little Helper
15 Apple Tree
15 Orange Tree
40 Devil Float
20 Tree Swing
20 Burning Bush
40 Tire Fire
30 Jet Engine Bike
20 Butterfly Tent
60 Purple Funzo
15 Kang Topiary
15 Kodos Topiary
60 Kearney
70 Pink Funzo
40 Sumatran Century Flower
50 Blue Funzo
100 The Mayflower
170 Springfield Sign
75 Boardwalk Fountain
80 Handsome Pete
300 Whale
40 Mime
10 Popcorn Stand
50 Fiddler
20 Hotdog Stand
40 Basketball Game
20 Cannon
70 Fire Eater
60 Juggler
30 Piece-of-crap Car
40 Channel 6 News Van
30 Worldwide Broadcast Dish
30 Ambulance
90 Dr. Nick
40 Burns Limo
40 Police Car
20 Tetherball
120 Mount Carlmore
60 Hot Tub
85 Rich Texan
45 Miniature Nuclear Warhead
30 Radioactive Man Billboard
40 Left-Handed Roadster
75 Little lady Justice
45 K-9 Officer
85 Arnie Pye
150 Sherri & Terri
40 Robby The Automaton
50 DMV Limo
120 Jimbo
30 Southern Cracker Fountain
30 Golden Calf Idol
40 Knightboat
90 Blue-haired Lawyer
40 Shiva Statue
30 Santa’s Little Helper Topiary
150 Unfinished Shed
100 Duff Party Liner
120 Rocket Car
40 Itchy & Scratchy Billboard
225 Satan’s Anvil
50 Box of Fireworks

Seasonal Items
2 Gang of 5 Nerds
3 Mob of 10 Nerds
4 Army of 20 Nerds
9 Single Cheaters 20
44 Handful of 5 Cheaters 20s
155 Bag of 20 Cheaters 20s
6 200 Elixir
26 100 Elixir
100 4000 Elixir
65 Elixir Mixer
25 Treasure Chest
70 Two-nicorn
2 Cardboard Wall
20 Cardboard Tower
40 Cardboard Gates
2 Recycled Wall
20 Recycled Tower
40 Recycled Gates
15 Medieval Banner
12 Medieval Banner
55 Hot Air Balloon
10 Flaming Torch
30 Chicken Coop
40 Barracks

Krustyland Items
25 Laffy Meal
15 Clown Garbage Can
50 Whack-A-Mole
100 Eyeballs of Death
100 Krusty Fountain
60 Itchy Mascot
60 Scratchy Mascot
150 Mount Krustmore
10 Duff Beer Fountain
30 Krustyland Itchy Balloon

Total Donuts 9678, average 75 per item.

£69.99 for 2400 Donuts
£69.99 for 2400 Donuts
£69.99 for 2400 Donuts
£69.99 for 2400 Donuts
£2.99 for 60 Donuts
1.46 for 12 Donuts
1.49 for 12 Donuts

Total cost £285.93

Edit: And before this post even goes live no doubt, for shame.
As well as the above list, EA have added another set of items to the current update (though I expect this update to transition before the article is posted), as well as the above items you can keep some nerds captive once the game updates (just a visual update to the game, doesn’t add anything extra) but as well as that, Bart has what appears to be another skin, priced at 200 donuts, this skin has a limited sale time so if not bought within mere days you miss out, if you wanted to purchase it you’d most likely have to spend an additional £13.99 in order to get 300 donuts as there’s literally no other way to get enough donuts in time through other means.
This cost combined with the high pressure sales tactic is a complete douchenozzle move on EA’s part, making me question whether I should continue playing, I can just write off the money I’ve spent on this over the years and instead focus on games that don’t seek to bleed you dry.

And for all those wondering, no you can’t cheat with Tapped Out, the supposed hacks circulating on Google all require you to enter your email address or username, as if the cheat can hack your save data in the games servers.
But the sheer volume of results for “Simpsons Tapped Out Cheats” shows us just how desperate people are to not spend a fortune while still having fun…

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