Hellgate (1989)

A dramatic sigh at Hellgate.

Hellgate tells the tale of a fathers love and revenge.

Starting off with a group of teens sat around a fire telling spooky stories, one of the kids mentions the tale of Hellgate, a ghost town nearby that has it’s own legends, in the fifties a group of bikers rolled into town and begin rouhing up a local girl with the intent to do her some sexual mischief, the girls father arrives just in time to save her from her torture but while killing the bikers leader, his daughter inadvertantly dies.

Back in the here and now we see a friend of the teens who arrives looking to join his friends, ends up getting directions from the locals, then again back to the ghost story, we find out that the employee of the dead girls father found a stone which was capable of bringing the dead back to life, of course it ends up being used on the daughter who returns with murderous intent.

Or rather she is the siren which brings strangers into her fathers murderous grasp.

So our hero (you can tell he is the hero as his license plate says “THEHERO”) is driving along to meet his friends when he sees a cute blond girl in distress needing a lift home (he stops purely because of some magical trickery n her part), unable to resist her charms (or her boobs) he drives ehr home and proceeds to follow her into her home and is so close to getting a little bit of that undead cutie when her father appears in a jealous rage and attempts to murderise him, the hero runs off to his friends.

His friends don’t believe him, they proceed to the same diner he got directions from and Josie (the dead girl) uses some magic psychic power to flaunt her boobs and draw him back to her, the hero is obsessed with saving Josie and drags his friends off to her rescue, but two of the party are killed, Josie puts some major glamour on the boy and his girlfriend kills her.. again (poor Josie).

Josie’s father goes into another murderous rage and attempts to kill the hero and his girlfriend, but they drive him into a building and well…

Hellgate has a promising premise, the synopsis is great.

A local beauty is killed when a motorcycle gang roll into town, years later her father comes into posession of a stone with the power to reanimate the dead, using the stones power on his daughter he uses her to bring unwary travellers to their doom in Hellgate.

But the movie falls apart on the fact it’s just too long before anything really happens and when the action does start to unfold it seems to be over far to quickly, the movie feels somewhat jovial in the beginning and after a long build up it ends too quickly.

The amount of people in our focus is too low to provide any continual plot, I never really connected to the characters, neither feeling bad for Josie nor connecting to the protagonists, to be honest I was quite surprised when the credits rolled (I expected more plot to occur) and quite grateful (I didn’t have to sit through any more).

The best part of the movie was simply seeing Abigail Wolcott writhing around on screen, there was countless minutes wasted watching her breasts through the thin material of her top, but despite being graphically pleasing there is not much else worth while in the movie.

Best part:

Cross eyed sex face, made me laugh a treat.

Worst part:

The senseless plot, left me scratching my head.

As I have continually stated, this movie doesn’t have much to offer beyond the initial premise, the idea of the undead was different but not really taken far enough, were the dead brought back with malicious intent, why did the zombies fade in and out of view, why would Josie’s father keep killing any visitors after he had brought her back from the dead, why did Josie fall in love with Matt?

As you know, low budget does not mean “bad” but in this instance, it killed what could have been a decent movie.

Hellgate scores a disappointing two broken hearts out of ten.

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Content remains identical however article titles have been changed.

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