I’m building a rocket

As part of a friendly competition, I will be building a rocket.
The brief is pretty forgiving, as long as you’re not building anything with fire or chemical fuel, it’s permissible and though I did briefly consider attempting to build a silly string powered vehicle I realised this may not work too effectively.
Mainly cause I can’t see a way to get the silly string to act as propulsion without using fire.

Instead I am going to go for a classic, I will be building a water/air based propulsion system using old soda bottles.
I did a 30 second googling and came up with this set of instruction:

Though the instructions don’t include the launcher, I can easily find another to do this, I just like the designs of rocket.
Though I can promise you my rocket won’t look as pretty as the source, I might just have to do a follow up post with pictures, would you like to see pictures?


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