Well, I’m still disappointed with Godus

So I kickstarted Godus, it shouldn’t have been any surprise with a history of playing Populus and Black and White, my donation was pretty much a given, I wanted to see what would happen with a god sim with modern capabilities.
And though the first version was heavily dependent on clicking and waiting, clicking and waiting, I honestly thought the game would get refined and improved and here I am trying it again months later and though you can see the game has changed a lot, it is still a lot of clicking and waiting and I have to be honest, I don’t like it.

Firstly, to me the idea of spending belief to create a miracle just seems so foreign, it is pretty much the wrong way around logically, as a god performing a miracle should create belief, not cost it.
Secondly, always waiting for belief to generate just gives the worst feeling of being inspired by games on Facebook, this isn’t a positive change for experienced game developers.

To me, the way this should work is that belief is not a currency, when I hit over 100 belief I unlock a miracle (let’s say fire ball) and I can cast fire ball add much as I like, I can cast out all day every day if I like, but if I do this and kill my population, or do it where the miracle can’t be observed, I lose belief and I can end up losing that miracle.
If you want to add miracle that requires some cost, then you can use something like a sacrifice, which adds the reality of ancient religions, you can even have the life of a follower worth more than an enemy, but you end up losing belief if you sacrifice your own population.

Godus could be something fun and amazing, but making me spend an hour to wait for belief to generate like it’s some kind of money won’t do the job.

One thing they’ve added to the game is essentially missions you can perform, you set out on a voyage with various missions to accomplish along the way.
If you lose passengers in a mission the next mission has less people to accomplish the mission with.
My only problem is that once you lose all your followers, you have to wait however many minutes for back up to arrive, there seems to be no reason for waiting beyond the desire to make you wait, which is just amazingly frustrating…
The waiting is signified by a ship following you on the same path you have taken, but the duration of the wait just seems arbitary.

The thing is, the game has a digital currency, Gems, that you can use to various effects across the game, though we’ve been assured this is not a “premium currency” it certainly acts like one, it’s illusive and rare and is used to make the ever increasing waiting times vanish in an instant, but with how rare it is, it certainly seems premium to me.

I still hold a little hope for the game, it could go through enough changes to make my concerns vanish, but I don’t really hold many hopes for the future, but I would be very happy to be proven wrong.
All I really want to know is why they chose the design routes they did.


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