Origin Sucks

Yep, you heard that right, the entire concept of Origin has been discussed at length so I won’t go into that, but for my part there’s some stuff that is definitely worth talking about.
Last night I was in bed looking to unwind (Okay, not last night, I wrote this blog post before fleeing the country), my current method of relaxation is The Simpsons – Tapped Out, a game that defines Freemium, that would definitely be described as “Play to win” if there was any actually winning involved, instead it’s more “Pay to be the snooty neighbour with all the cool buildings”, cause that’s all you really do, build buildings.
Every season or even you get a new theme to the game and a bunch of new buildings, a couple of new characters and occasionally a kind of mini-game to accomplish.
Everything is run on timers, you set your characters a job and it takes X-hours, your buildings generate income in Y-minutes, , you can rush through these timers with the use of the premium currency, Donuts, and donuts can be used to purchase special buildings, which is fair enough.
But if you want to buy Donuts in order to buy buildings, you’re going to need to buy them by the thousand and this gets very expensive, in order to collect everything this game would cost you hundreds, maybe even a couple of thousand, I wonder if anyone has worked this out already, maybe I should look into it.
But that’s getting off track, I just wanted you to be aware of the game, so I could tell you that I have bought donuts at one point, so I have actually paid money for this game.

So last night I go to log in and the game asks me to enter my details, a slightly annoying thing about the game being when updates roll out it tends to require your login information again.
This is where my problem starts, entering my login information.
Like most people of the MSN/AOL messenger generation I actually have a couple of email addresses, and possibly though some sense of nostalgia or maybe just internet paranoia I keep and still use these email addresses, so when I have to log in to a site it can occasionally be confusing, but not for long because when I attempt to recover a password most sites do you the decency of telling you that the email address you’re entering isn’t recognised.
But not EA’s Origin, oh no this fucking beast has decided that when you try to recover an account, if no account exists then it must be made.
Yep, that’s right, Origin will actually create you an account when you click on the “recover password” link and enter a new address into the email field.

Now this might seem like a silly notion, but surely if I am ATTEMPTING TO RECOVER A PASSWORD, it means I ALREADY HAVE A FUCKING ACCOUNT.

So there I am, trying to recover my account using the most likely email address I could have used, I go through the account recovery system, create a new password and then log in to Simpsons, only to see I have a Level 1 Springfield, I have nothing and let me tell you, I was pissed, I was ready to send off emails and leave scathing reviews on the app store, but then it occurred to me.
You see although I can’t remember which email I had tied to Origin, I know the username I use, so I logged into the Origin site and lo-and-behold, I have a generic username! So I take a step back, try logging into Origin using my secondary email address and it works, I’m who I am meant to be with a Level 43 Springfield and all the terrible extras I had spent far too much money on.

All in all I spent about half an hour in the middle of this mess, which is something that could easily have been avoided if EA had stuck to regular account convention and used the “recover password” form to actually recover a fucking password instead of using it to create a new account (which by the way, I didn’t sign any EULA for, I’m pretty certain I had to sign an EULA longer than the bible to create my actual account).
Failing that allowing a user to use their username to login would also work, otherwise what’s the point in having a username? Of the four forms I had to navigate through last night, it seems only one of them actually allows you to use your username, which just seems strange to me.

Beyond the wasted half hour, I didn’t get to play last night, by the time I got my account bullshit sorted out I just couldn’t be bothered to play, it was well past midnight and I needed to sleep, maybe EA will recompense me but I severely doubt it, not with the extortionate prices for donuts, I really should do the maths on this some time and work out just how expensive this fucking game is all together, the funny thing is if the donuts were reasonably priced, I know certainly for myself (but no doubt many more as well) could regularly drop £5 in order to get more of the cool things, but as it currently stands if you spend £5 you’ll get a single item if you’re lucky.
Maybe a part two?

Regardless, Origin sucks.


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