C.H.U.D. (1984) C.H.U.D. (1989)

A brief look at C.H.U.D.

The plot line.
People are dying, being dragged off the street.
Former fashion photographer George Cooper has given up the fame and fortune of the fashion world in order to do something of meaning, namely photographing the homeless of New York.
A local priest believes the deaths are part of a government conspiracy and a cop believes his superiors are holding information from him.
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, although unable to transport toxic waste through the city, have begun storing it in abandoned subway tunnels, where the subterranean homeless population have come in to contact with the resulting material, become cannibalistic mutants and once their free meals (the rest of the homeless underground) have expired, the C.H.U.D’s come up to the surface to eat.

This flick is a low budget, rubber mask effects tribute to the classic creature feature drive in movies, the monsters are a little cheesy and it takes a while to see what is actually going on, but once we get into the swing of things, conspiracy, deaths and the “Oh shits” takes us on a roller coaster ride.
It’s a decent film that provides a few light hearted moments, such as when a team of men in hazmat suits (reminiscent of budget Ghost Busters) descend into the sewers and end up in a stand off against a team armed with Flame Throwers, I’d rather have the flame thrower than the camera any day.

But it’s not a Zombie movie, they’re mutants…

Oh Shit…

C.H.U.D. 2: Bud the CHUD.
After the debacle of the first movie, it seems some bright spark at the Government (oh noes!) thinks they can use the C.H.U.D. as a building block to create a super soldier but this is all old news as the government have ceased funding the super soldier program because, simply put, they couldn’t control the flesh hungry beasts.
But the last prototype is frozen and stored in some small town no one has ever heard of, fast forward to that very town and a couple of pranksters in high school accidentally lose the cadaver their teacher plans to use in their next lesson, so they resolve to get another.
Yeah, you guessed it, they pick up the last super soldier, who quickly awakens from his cryogenic sleep (did I forget to mention that?) and attacks and infects the town while falling in love with Katie.

So, apparently you can use mutants to create Zombies, I shall remember that for future reference.
Bud the CHUD is definitely a zombie based comedy, that draws loosely from the original movie (once the initial setup is established, I don’t recall any specific mention of the events of the first movie, though the undead are repeatedly called CHUD’s).
From a group of CHUD’s walking into a fast food establishment and asking for “Bobby” when asked what they want, through to the evil general blowing up said establishment with a rocket launcher, the movie might be light on the violence but it keeps the laughs coming.

I still love seeing the CHUD outbreak stretching over town without either our protagonists, nor the military figuring it out.. Or female protagonist Katie running around in a swim suit.

It’s certainly not a movie that takes itself seriously, the main climax peaks with Budstalking Katie up a ladder onto a diving board and meekly saying “Hi..” but it is a fun movie and well worth watching, whether you have seen the original or not.

C.H.U.D.2: Bud the CHUD scores an almighty six torn out hearts out of ten, and a tear brought to the eye.

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