Dead and Buried (1981)

Dead and Buried, a review.

In a break from the Romero-fest our zombie talk has currently been running upon, I will today be talking about a relatively unknown classic, 1981’s Dead and Buried by Gary Sherman (it’s current obscurity in the Uk might be due to the movie being featured on the “Video Nasty” list, a set of banned movies that were deemed to graphic and violent for general release).

As always, let us discuss the plot:
Potters Bluff is an idyllic coastal town in Rhode Island, but the town seems to be in the grips of mania, forces unbeknown to the town’s sheriff (Dan Gillis) are conspiring, as visitors to the town are quickly and gruesomely murdered, as the dead rise only to take a place in the working society of the town as if entering a new life, Gillis can not work out what is happening but a dark trail of fragile clues leads him to the local Undertaker and a secret that will rock his world.

I am not going to ruin the twist ending, I want you to see this and I want the ending to be a surprise, I know, I know most of the time I am happy to send you off with a Spoilerific plotline and launch into a discussion about the film, but this movie is great.
It comes across as slow, almost lumbering as we follow one man being blocked at every turn, one man who won’t settle without the answers he needs, but as the movie comes to a head and everything falls into place it’s something like a rush.

Okay, so what I like about the movie is the overbearing sense of desperation and hopelessness running through the bleak atmosphere, the death scenes are justifiably gruesome and visceral, the ending was surprising and at first I had to stop and rewind to make sure I had not missed anything, then I let it sink in and the ending just felt right, it didn’t feel fake or tacked on, it just felt good.

In the end, this is a different twist on the Zombie genre, a break from Romero’s world and it is not such a bad break, if you want a unique twist to your undead, watch this.
Dead and Buried scores a seven dot six dead tourists out of ten on the Haxorscale.

Originally written on a previous incarnation of Geekenbrau.
Content remains identical however article titles have been changed.


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